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Just bought Pro - very excited to support the development of this app!

Couple of points for feedback:
- enable hyperlinks (currently, someone can send me a link, but I can't click on them)
- Gif support

Other than this, I'm pleased so far!

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Take a look at our cover of 'Radioactive'!

I hope you'll like it! :)

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Amazing version of Elton John's 'Rocket Man'!

Check it out!
Congratulations to Travis Seay for taking the Main Stage!

Come watch the most trending video of the week.

The stages update every Friday - put your videos on to compete for your chance in the spotlight!

I just installed this app recently!
I'm loving it so far, too ☺

One request: PLEASE allow the drawer to run in landscape mode.
This may not seem like an issue, the for those of us that use docks (car, office, etc.) , it is almost essential.

If this can be done, I will instantly upgrade to pro version!

Thanks for the hard work!

Just downloaded it and may I say that the app is beautifully designed!

I'd like to report a bug that I have already encountered, however.
I can consistently crash the app whenever I press the letter "j" on the contacts screen. Every other letter appears to work fine, but pressing "j" causes an issue.

Also - for future releases perhaps - it would add to the beauty of the app if the contact images were higher quality!

Good work, looking forward to future releases!

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Stunning. Can't describe this pic in any other way :o
This is an amazing photo. One of those that looks like it couldn't possibly be real.

(Has it ever occurred to you how spectacularly fortunate we are to live on a planet which can have total eclipses? It requires that the apparent size of the Moon and the apparent size of the Sun match to within a few percent, so that the Moon can hide the body of the Sun and reveal its corona alone. The coincidence required is so extraordinary that I doubt that one planet out of a thousand has it. Even if planets are commonplace, this is rare and beautiful. If there are aliens travelling our cosmos, then a solar eclipse may be the best place to find them: it's something you might come a long way to see. « Ça vaut le voyage, » as the Michelin guide says.)

h/t +Ahmed Amer.

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Just beautiful.
Let it be known, from this point forward:

Roads are my new obsession. I will be collecting them whenever possible. 

-this one is from Valley Of Fire in Nevada

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