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Over 3,000 subscribers!!?! Glad to see so many like my hobby :) hope to continue making videos you like. Thanks for the support!

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Just started the new Let's Build episode, making a Aztec Temple in a jungle biome! Send me pictures of what you think it should look like :)

Waiting on the dokucraft texture pack to be updated to 1.2.4 before I start the next Let's Build :(

Got a new Let's Build episode for tomorrow. Anyone venture a guess on what it will be? :)

almost finished the next let's build. Its looking pretty awesome :)

oops... typo, meant Project* :)

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Just Auditioned for the role of Kael in a Minecraft Machinima Porject 'The Arcan Chronicles' - Check The Arcan Chronicles - Voice Actor Auditions! and wish me luck!

I am super duper uber busy this week with work, meaning there probably will not be a video until Friday... maybe. Sorry :(
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