Come and join us for the inaugural "Great Canadian Photowalk"

Happening May 26th and 27th In Toronto Ontario, Canada.

We will be meeting at City Hall just after lunch (1pm) on Saturday May 26th and will follow a route that will takes to some incredible areas of the downtown metropolis and as the day winds down we will be catching a ferry to Center Island to Photograph the sunset and then night skyline of this great city.

On Sunday we will continue our walk at a new location and it will be culminating in finishing at the Exposure Photo & Video Imaging Expo at the International Center North of the City.

More details will be following as we move toward this epic event of Google Plus proportions! +Jim Davis and Myself ( +Ron Clifford ) will be scouting the route and attractions this weekend and will update this page with all the latest news as we approach this exciting event!

It would be great if you could indicate your interest by commenting below and PLEASE SHARE with anyone that may be interested!

There are helpful links on the about page

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Old City Hall Gargoyles Keeping Watch Over The City
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I'm coming!!!! :)
Wouldn't miss this one for the world 
This is exciting! Day 1 will be doable for me as well. Can't make it on Day 2 as it's my little guy's First Communion. :)
Looking forward to it. Probably can't make it for Day 2, I'm doing the 10k Run for Vaughan in the morning. Day 1 should be plenty good though..
Well, of course you know I'll be there!! ;P
I'm very hopeful about making this. It'd be for just day 1 though.
Myself also +tim dalton, we'll be ending the day/night by shooting the Toronto skyline from across the water!
Oh, oh, oh - I really want to make it to this! I'm more than 50% sure I can come, hehe. I'll let you guys know when my trip details are arranged :)
Absolutely will be there for this!
If i can make it I will be there too!!
Thanks +Chris Bagley for pointing this out to me! May 26th and 27th... I should be able to make that! I'll try to keep that clear. Car pool is a great idea +Nathan Beaulne, I'm more than happy to do the driving!
This looks like a blast!! I would love to be a part of this... let's see.. time? seat sale? Hotwire hotel? hmmm....
Yay. I had to figure out if it was do-able and found out it is! I can't wait. :)
I will be there for that first day, for sure. Very much looking forward to this!
I'll do my best to be with you all.
Lily L
Oooh, anime north weekend, won't be able to make it. Will be at the Toronto Congress Centre taking nerdy pics of nerdy people in nerdy costumes. :p
YAY. I just got the okay from work. Booking the train ticket tonight. I am so excited to be there with everyone!
I'm hoping to meet up with you at some point as my group (Toronto Photo Walks) has one of our regular walks that weekend too.
I am afraid I have bad news. It turned out I have to work on Saturday. Boo! Hiss! :(
I will come on the first day for sure, can't wait to take a night shot of the TO skyline!
Missed this posting, won't miss any more. I am in for this one on the Saturday. Looking forward to seeing all these electronic peoples. I can always go to a Toronto Photo Walk on the following weekend. Sorry Paul. Oh, one more thing. Doors Open Toronto is going on apparently as well.
Well, since you put it that way, I guess I better, Kellianne. Did I tell you that Mom will be moving down to Ottawa after she sells her house in Timmins? That means we'll be visiting Ottawa more than once a year. lol
+Kellianne Hutchinson
Oh cool! We're going up there tomorrow night and would be back Tuesday evening. We're taking Mom back home so she can get the house ready for sale.
+Darryl Van Gaal
Looks like thunderstorm on both days of the photowalk. I'll probably have to skip this one now.
Weather network says only 20% chance for Saturday. Looking good from here.
I'd love to come Sandra but it's Liam's first communion on Sunday. I wish they'd have scheduled it in the morning so at least we could make the trip to TO after. Unfortunately, it starts at 1pm. I'm working till early evening tomorrow. :((
+Sandra Parlow
+Dennis Tenn Everything looks good to me! and wouldn't it be nice to have lightning hit the CN Tower for some night shots as well as dramatic skies.

I never rely on the weatherman
+Jim Davis I was looking forward to it. Unfortunately even if I could go, I wouldn't be able to stay for the entire walk. I have family coming in for the weekend from the US and there is a big dinner planned for Saturday. I'll be stuck at home for most of the weekend. I checked the forecast again and it seems that rain won't start until around 5pm so the walk should be a success. I'm looking forward to attending any upcoming GTA photowalks.
Hey +Nathan Beaulne. Small world indeed. No, actually. It's my husband who's from Timmins. Mom is still there right now and we are closely monitoring the forest fires. :(
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