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File under: "Things that I want to exist in the world." +Judah Sher is a remarkably talented individual, and this is an exceedingly interesting project. I'm a backer, and I think that you all should consider funding it, too.
The kikori is an open source entry-level machine for small businesses. My main goal is to stimulate local manufacturing and design.
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Thanks for reminding me! I intended to become a backer a couple of weeks ago and totally lamed out - I'm on it now.
I'm not so sure about the whole "local manufacturing" thing but the device is damn cool and deserves support.
It is, however, the kind of thing that makes it more accessible to high schools that are already strapped for budget cash. A shop class that goes into CAD/CAM and then lets the students actually see the object get milled? Priceless.
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