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Just another day in paradise!!
Just another day in paradise!!

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A social media calendar can change everything, and I mean everything.

With consistent posting of relevant topics to an engaged audience, the sky is the limit.

Today I want to share with you how time, money and control don’t have to hold you back from social media success.

I want to share with you how affordable and effective it can be to:

Increase awareness of your veterinary practice
Increase Likes, Comments, Shares, and Clicks
Increase trust and credibility
Increase appointments and clients

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Today we’re going to discuss how to create individual Facebook posts that not only provide value, but motivate your fans to take a specific action, like…

…click to a blog, commenting, sharing, liking, or scheduling an appointment.

A word of caution: once you master these veterinary Facebook strategies, you’ll have a tremendous amount of influence over your audience.

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These items are not just products that you’re offering…

…they are proof that you care more about your clients and customers more than the guys down the street.

You’re essentially telling clients that it’s not all about the money.

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Today I want to talk to you about the value that you (and the clients) place on your products and services.

Ultimately, we’re going to look at your prices and value…

…yes I said the “P” word…

and how Facebook can positively influence both of these elements for your veterinary practice.

Just talking about cost and pricing probably sets a rock in the pit of your stomach. Clients are highly sensitive to prices when choosing an animal hospital. You are highly sensitive to prices because you’re running a business…

…and hopefully a profitable one.

Facebook can influence audience perspectives on pricing.

Here’s how:

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Facebook Fans and Acquisition: Your Security Blanket
The fact that nearly every fan or follower today has a high-def megaphone in their pocket — and has the power to be publisher, reviewer, cynic, detractor, or advocate — is crucial to reputation management.
Based on the data, Advocates (loyal fans) make up only 0.001% of a brand’s audience, but are responsible for nearly 30% of a brand’s earned media impressions. And increasingly, advocates are better marketers than Marketers (including you or me) — more people trust “A Person Like Yourself” (61%) than a CEO (43%), says Edelman.  –
The numbers are clear, but you don’t care about numbers, you care about results.
Here’s the deal…

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If you’ve built an engaged, impassioned collection of fans on your Facebook page, you already have a digital security blanket…

I’ve personally managed multiple social media campaigns dealing with hot button topics like women’s health and pregnancy, as well as chronic pain and medication adherence. Do you know, through all of the reputation management situations I’ve dealt with over the years, the one thing I’ve learned is how essential, and under-rated, your core audience is.

A business owner’s clients and fans are her greatest assets, especially when it comes to securing your reputation online….
I want to share with you some key elements to building a fan base that has your back in tough times, but before I do that let me share with you why I think you need this information now!

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Does your practice have a policy for negative Facebook reviews?
I got my marketing start in healthcare, particularly in the pain management and women’s health industries, two potentially hazardous areas to manage on social media. Over the years, I’ve learned a thing or two about handling negative Facebook reviews and controversial situations.
This is a story about how the largest custom design merchandise website, CafePress, handled a very impassioned, difficult situation with professionalism and poise…unlike some other extremely large, professional organizations.
I want to compare two situations, two scenarios where extremely passionate individuals saw an opportunity to pounce using social media as their vehicle of choice. 

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This story isn’t about where you stand on the issue of cat declawing. This story isn’t even about the “America’s Favorite Veterinarian” Contest that the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) runs every year.

This story is about mismanagement, a lack of knowledge, and how the largest veterinary association in the United States reinforced the fears of every single veterinarian across the country:
Social Media is unsafe, unpredictable and uncontrollable. #veterinary   #vetlife   #vetmed   #veterinarian  

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Does your veterinarian understand the true value of Facebook Marketing? Here's how to convince them...

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"From that moment on, Suzy never returned to her old vet. It’s not that she was unhappy with the previous veterinarian, but the experience could never compare to the overall experience at the new animal hospital. It’s not that Suzy didn’t trust the medical expertise of the previous doctor; it was that she trusted the compassion of the new vet more."

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