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Are you buying good loam?

As any gardener knows, topsoil gets depleted. Best gardening practice depends on feeding your plants and keeping air and water levels at optimum. And that depends on your soil structure. That's why you don't want to start with just "dirt".  Good friable soil holds and delivers fertilizers (and just plain organic nutrients) better, stays aerated better and better optimizes water delivery.

That's why are loam incorporates a lot of compost. We age and turn a wide variety of compost material including manure, pomace, brush, grass clippings, leaves, paper and other organics. The result is rich, dark mixture that brings your garden soil alive.

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We have promoted the use of straw as mulch in the past: 
but recently we noticed that people are using them as growing containers as well. . . and there's a book about straw bale gardens:

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