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A new monster this week, The Bad Sector. Experimenting with more of a hazard than an actual monster.

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This week a repost of a descriptor that was posted here a while ago, but polished up and ready to go.

I'm working on new stuff and should have something next monday!

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I know the prototype has been posted here already, but I am starting up a blog with +William Keller and am going to finish the setting a small bit at a time!

Hopefully, this is going to become a regular habit of mine, to produce content.

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The world has changed, it seems as though the gates of the supernatural has opened up.  Events known as Dischords erupt unexpectedly causing mayhem and panic.  Monsters, mutations, and the people who take advantage of the ever-changing situation.

You are the tip of the spear, Project Arrowhead.  A special agency set up by a joint effort between the US, UK, Germany, and Russia to combat this ever growing threat.  Your background may be special forces, science, or maybe even a hacker picked up by the local law enforcement.  It makes no difference, you have been offered this job to save the world.  Will you accept?

I am looking to start this game hopefully in the next two weeks.  Playing most likely every other Friday 7 pm central.  Roll20 and google hangouts, looking for 1-2 more players.

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So I saw a thread on reddit that got me thinking. The original question was on ablative stealth, basically stealth hp.

So how about it for cypher? There already is prescident for additional pools like luck, regeneration, etc...

I could see having a thematic pool such as stealth for a spy genre game where failures result in stealth damage. A player could choose to take a hit in stealth if they like, but once it's gone, the alert has been raised.

How about you guys, have you ever used pools for things other than health?

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Here is how you get to the strange...

I was just wondering if a list of the tag characters could appear anywhere? 

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