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Beacon d20 rules light fantasy RPG
Beacon d20 rules light fantasy RPG


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about D&D and 7th Level
We've hit 7th level on a couple characters in our round robin 5th edition D&D game.  When the 5th edition books dropped, our group decided to switch to to playing a long campaign of D&D instead of playing short 7-8 session games of whatever the guy in the D...

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Beacon on Roll20
So the Beacon character sheet is up on Roll20 and if you want you can go there right now and start a campaign and use this sheet - all squeaky new and modern gaming style.  I am pretty jazzed and hope that it gets a lot of use.  My changes for the next Draf...

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Like School On Saturday
"Skilled" it turns out is an even worse idea than "Savant" for a class name.  My wife who has played maybe three RPG sessions in her life and doesn't even understand why I bother messing around with this stuff told me that it was a stupid name.  At game nig...

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Sayonara to the Savant
I believe I'm renaming the Savant class to Skilled .  Savant has bothered me since I added it , but the class is nether a generalist or a specialist or a sage or a trader which were some of the other terms I considered so it was the least evil choice I thou...

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a short one
Yes I am updating the book.  No I'm not done yet, thanks for asking.  I'm only on page 6 or something but only a 44 page book so its a happen. No big changes as yet, I've tried to clear up some of the wording on starting Hit Points as well as a slightly bet...

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News of possible interest.
I have been pretty excited this week and I have been excited to update the blog after quite some time of being inactive. It's not that I had blog fade or whatever, well maybe a bit, but its more I just haven't been doing much with Beacon for a while.  It's ...

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What would I steal from 5e
Bring on the feast! Still playing the round robin D&D Fifth Edition game.  No deaths yet and when I ran my run of the campaign I found that the third level is about where players can stop worrying about getting killed every fight if you go by the challenge ...

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The Elephant in the Room
I put in my order for the 5th edition Players Handbook.  Should be getting it soon.  I expect that my game group will be doing something with this, either a one-shot or a campaign.  I haven't been keeping up with Dungeons and Dragons but some information bl...

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Its that time of year again...
I would be remiss in my blogger duties if I didn't plug the annual One Page Dungeon Contest.  It's always great.  It makes great things for the community to use.  It is fun to participate.  Check it out. One Page Dungeon 2014

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Beacon Christmas Update
Merry friggin Christmas. New Beacon PDF.  New Beacon character sheet. New Beacon GM Screen.  Go to the Get Beacon page to get them. I made a lot of changes to the text to make the rules clearer.  I capped the levels at 12 to make the game more focused on gr...
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