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Wow! Vibrant Color...

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[High-Resolution Ubuntu Wallpapers for Download] Right here on Google Plus

Last night among all the huff and puff about the new Ubuntu 12.04 wallpapers Ubuntu 12.04: Precise Pangolin received an update which included those wallpapers.

Continuing a project I've been focusing on, I've added them here to G+, along with every set of Ubuntu Wallpapers since it's first release.

All of these are free to download right here on Google Plus. At the bottom left corner of your browser page, you should see something that says Options, click that, and you will see something that says Download full size

[Original Post of All Ubuntu Wallpapers, Ever]
[Photographic] Ubuntu Wallpaper (13 photos)
91 Photos - View album

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❖ #SocialBookMarking comes to Google: What you need to know about the +1 Button @Pennecole// #SocialBuzz ~ #ToolsBuzz RT @SocialCatalysts

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Going live at 5:30pm pt/8:30pm est!

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I Have Things

Like books. Like really awesome books. This one is part of the twin-pulsar at the center of my collection. I should probably read it again. I should probably also start making all of the intensely beautiful shit inside. Maybe I could make a living out.. oh wait. No, probably not. >.>

Aaaaanyway, I think I'm going to start making something out of this on a regular basis. But also, if you're a high-level home cook who wants to challenge yourself to make some really awesome technical things (*cou-+Shinae Nae Robinson, +lerato majikfaerie, +Katherine Ullman Kim-gh*) I can't recommend it enough. If you're not at that level, it's still awesome #foodporn and at a damned reasonable price for a CIA text.

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