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I wouldn't normally spam my own post for a project I'm involved in twice in the same day, but we're super-close to funding in less than 12 hours, which is fantastic, since we had no idea what kind of legs this would have.

Thanks to everyone for the support so far!


Friends of G+! Here's a neat thing Gameplaywright is making. For a lot of us, this may not seem like something we personally need, but it's the sort of thing that should exist anyway. I also think it makes a great gift for school-age peoples, or as a family activity.

(btw, feel free to reshare...I'm not sure why I didn't make this public.)
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I rarely post publicly, but here it is for folks who want to circle me right now:

Give it some time.

I'm not circling people back at the moment, and won't be for at least a couple weeks. If you're legitimately interested in what I have to say — which you probably aren't, because I don't actually talk about games much — you'll do better to wait a couple weeks and then come back here. Circling me now just means I'm going to forget about you before I get back to expanding my circles.
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Are You Going To Gen Con This Year?

Would you like to have your badge compensated while also getting to run/play games with awesome people in an awesome environment?

We're still looking for volunteer GMs. You could do one session or many. Leave a comment in this thread expressing interest and we'll provide more info.

(note that you need run more a few sessions to get a badge.)
"What Games Should I run for Games on Demand?"

For those of you currently considering what games you'll be submitting for Gen Con Games on Demand, here are some constraints and suggestions to help you out!


- a tabletop roleplaying game
- able to run in 2 or 4 hours
- playable with 3 or more players
- friendly to new players
- something you're really enthusiastic about running!


Unusual - when possible, offer cutting-edge and small press games that can't be found elsewhere at the convention

Mutualism - offer at least one game that's not yours, or that you have a stake in. Support your fellow designers and publishers!

Diversity - offer games by or about people of color, women, queer folk, non-binary or trans designers, and people with disabilities. Check out Our Many Games for ideas:

Accessible - offer games that are easy to teach, require no preparation from the players, and involve themes that are easy to grasp and fun.

Available - offer games that players can find after they play, either for free download or for purchase online or through a booth at the show.

If you want to run and promote a game you don't have, we can help you ask the publisher or designer for support and materials!


Still not sure what to run? Okay, here are some suggestions based on the "un-served demand" list (games people want that they were unable to find in the official schedule) from Gen Con events.

Note: I'm not necessarily suggesting that you run these games, only that players are looking for these themes and settings and using them might help draw players to your game:

Call of Cthulhu
Star Wars
Dungeons & Dragons
Savage Worlds
Dungeon Crawl Classics
Trail of Cthulhu
7th Sea (2nd Ed)
Dresden Files (Fate)
Hero, 5th edition
Fate (Core, Accelerated)
Eclipse Phase
Mouse Guard
Night's Black Agents
Delta Green
Dungeon World
The Strange
Mutants & Masterminds
Kobolds Ate My Baby
The One Ring
Outbreak: Undead
Mutant Crawl Classics
Cypher System
Dragon Age
Fantasy Age
Luchador: Way of the Mask
TORG Eternity
Gamma World
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Quick update: Gen Con has joined the fundraiser. The next five pledges of $70 or more (who also happen to be going to Gen Con) will receive a special promo code comping them for their 4 day badge!
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Gen Con has a diversity problem. We're seeing a lot of talk about it the last couple days, and a lot of positive progress. But there's still a big barrier to better representation: Money.

Gen Con is expensive. The Queer As A 3-Sided Die gang (me, +Steve Kenson Wes Schneider, Jeremy Crawford, Joe Carriker, and Crystal Frasier) want to help in some small way, as do a lot of our publisher friends here on G+. But we can't do it without your help.

And you get awesome games for doing so!
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Today is #GivingTuesday  and there are a lot of charities that deserve your attention.

So let me call attention to Shanti Bhavan: A non-profit school in India that takes in children from India's most marginalized caste, offers them a home for 17 years, and gives them the education and confidence to go into the world and make meaningful change as adults. It's a completely unique approach to poverty alleviation and they could use your help.

If you have three minutes, please listen to Rasiga talk about what makes Shanti Bhavan so special. You can help Shanti Bhavan's mission by donating here:

Signal boosting is awesome and this post is re-shareable.  ♥ ♥ ♥
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You asked for baby animals. I give you the baby-est animals ever.

As requested by +William Keller.
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The littlest polar bear. For +Vivian Spartacus.

(edited: Turns out the photo is a toy doll polar bear. Which is still totally adorbs, but not an actual fulfillment of my obligation to post baby polar bear pics. So here's a baby polar bear cheering for proper credit to artists and their work, as well as polar bears everywhere.  

And here's the Etsy page the photo apparently originally came from:
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Baby Siberian tiger and his wolf pup friend! For +Giulia Cursi.
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