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Tony Morris
Retired Firefighter and Emergency Planning Officer
Retired Firefighter and Emergency Planning Officer

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Cabinet Member plays Russian roulette with public safety
I had thought we could not have a worse Cabinet Member
looking after the fire & rescue service than David Barling. After Friday’s
County Council meeting, I am not so sure. High-rise buildings The new Cabinet Member, Debbie Kennard, appeared at best complace...

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Why do decision makers never learn?
Friday was a depressing day for anyone concerned with fire
safety and the fire & rescue service. First, we learnt from local news that, following last year’s
fire, the Trust run...

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July Update

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Update - Louise Goldsmith and the Grenfell Tower Tragedy
Well the Council Leader did reply to my comment on her Blog. Pulling together in a time of emergency To save readers the time of switching to her Blog, here is her reply: Fire services across the county have had to make savings and in West Sussex we haven't...

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Louise Goldsmith and the Grenfell Tower Tragedy
Leader of the County Council, Louise Goldsmith, has commented on the Grenfell Tower tragedy in her blog -  Pulling together in a time of emergency I have posted a comment, but that needs to be approved before anyone can see it. Just in case it is censored, ...

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Grenfell Tower Tragedy
The Grenfell Tower tragedy has stunned us all. It may not have happened in West Sussex, but many of the issues and concerns are equally valid across the UK. Those of us
who are, or were, firefighters can only admire the London firefighters who took
such ris...

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May Update

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Conservative Deception on Fire Cuts
Another example of deception from West Sussex County Council
under Conservative control. They produced a Modelling and Analysis Technical Report
on the likely effect of the 2014 cuts. They summarised the effects as “slightly
more cost in terms of life and p...

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Our Fire & Rescue Service is not safe in Conservative hands
There was a time when politicians, even Conservative ones, felt obliged to maintain an effective fire service. From 1948, for around 60 years, Conservative Councillors on West Sussex County Council did just that. Chief Fire Officers had to fight for the ser...

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April 2017 Update
Covered in this update: Chief Fire Officer financial
scandal Conservatives say cuts are
dangerous Cabinet Member obstructs
scrutiny Fake claims (fire deaths and
fire engine availability) Crawley residents hit by
worst cuts More incidents - Less fire
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