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"In the Fifth at Malory Towers"--Enid Blyton
In the Fifth at Malory Towers by Enid Blyton My rating: 5 of 5 stars When you asks someone their favourite Enid Blyton school story, two times out of three they will name In the Fifth at Malory Towers (1950). There's a magic to it, even coming right near th...

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Where I am now
I've been neglecting this blog terribly for real-life reasons, mostly to do with my day job (i.e. stay-at-home mother of a toddler). Computing time has been precious, and while I can write on my Alphasmart and do forums and twitter on my phone, editing and ...

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Kitty art commission
Two blog posts in two days is not like me, but I wanted to share this adorable commission of Lady Emmeline Eversleigh, aka Kitty, in classic shoujo style by michiro-mitch. I love big sparkly-eyed 1970s-1980s shoujo like that of Riyoko Ikeda, and my book see...

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Anti-Soppistry ;)

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Elves and Escapades out--Fairies and Felicitations free!
I am excited to announce that Elves and Escapades , the sequel to Pegasi and Prefects , has been released today. (On my birthday!) It feels like it's been forever since Pegasi and Prefects came out, but actually, it's been about three months. :) To celebrat...

Only in a school story is sneaking out to a party or county fair after lights out the Worst Crime Ever, but sneaking out to tell the first girl to come home from the party is perfectly okay. Never mind that you are both running around the countryside in school uniform after dark.

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It's open!

Celebrating the first day of spring, the YA Spring Fling giveaway is now open!

Those of you who have signed up to the Spring Fling mailing list will get a newsletter from me shortly. In that Email will be details on how to claim your free Ebook.

Go on over to the website and check out the books. I recommend that you browse through everything before submitting your entry. The link to the entry form is right at the bottom of the page, don't miss it.

Also check out the terms and conditions in the FAQ page.

The giveaway ends on the 3rd of April.

Share this post, tell your book loving friends. This is going to be epic! smile emoticon

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YA Spring Fling Guest Post: Milda Harris
The YA Spring Fling Giveaway gets underway on the 20th. It's not too late to be guaranteed a free YA ebook of your choice if you sign up  to the mailing list by the 20th March. (Including Pegasi and Prefects if you haven't read it yet, just in time for Elve...

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I'm an app addict. I'm always looking for a better tool. That being said, I thought I'd share a quick and dirty guide to the apps I find invaluable as a writer. No affiliate links here, just gushing. Scrivener (Mac and Windows: I have both). Price: $40 Wind...
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