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The official Google+ page of ALERT Cadet.
The official Google+ page of ALERT Cadet.


We have had several promotions recently. Congratulations to: Daniel Dzimianski from GA on his promotion to Master Sergeant; Mitchell Collomy from ME to Sergeant; Logan McMillan and Vincent Adame, both from TX, to Corporal; James Stevens, Vincent Adame, and Cole McMillan, all from TX, to CFC; and Micah Vogel from TX to LTC.

On February 15th, we celebrated the commissioning of our newest unit, Texas 9th Bravo, located in Blanco, TX. It is under the leadership of Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Roger Hepworth. Congratulations, TX9B!

We have had several Advancements recently: Congratulations to Jerry and James Duffey from NJ, Roger, Seth, Titus, Joshua, and Caleb Hepworth from TX, Ian Astle from TX, Mark and Jacob Morgan from TX, Lupe, Joshua, Caleb, and Brent Beltran from TX, Jeff and Matthew Marr from TN, Brian, Jordan, and Hunter Deem from FL, Bill and Trey Walsh from NY, Tyrone and Vontay Robinson from TX, Randy and Hayden Goldman from TX, and Stephen and Justin Christensen from NJ.

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A friend of ALERT Cadet shared this link with us. What are your thoughts? Do you agree?

ALERT Unit 51's Basic Training started this week, and we have several in this unit that have been involved in Cadets: Daniel Dzimianski from GA, Josiah Butler from OK, Samuel Grant from TX, Micah Edwards from ME, Joshua Hudson from AB, Paymon Ghafouri from CA, Josiah Dieckmann from TX, Jacob Horn from CA, and Dean LaLone from PA. Please keep these men, and all the recruits, in your prayers.

Please be praying for John Shoemaker, an ALERT Cadet from Oklahoma. His brother Richard just sent us this note. John fell sick on Thursday in Nigeria. He has been so weak that he has had to be carried around by multiple men. Today the team was scheduled to fly home. After boarding the flight the flight crew came back and took John off the plane and would not let him fly. A team member has stayed back with him. They will not let him fly without a doctors note saying he is well enough to fly. Please pray that God would heal his body and be able to fly home tomorrow.

Congratulations to Gideon Schlichter from Texas for his promotion to Cadet First Class. Congratulations to Logan McMillan and Samuel Adame from Texas for their promotions to Cadet Specialist.

This last weekend we celebrated the commissioning of our newest unit, Texas 4th Delta, located in Marshall, TX. It is under the leadership of Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Jim Putnam. Congratulations, TX4D!

Congratulations to Daniel and Caleb Martin from Maine, Ethan Moore from Minnesota, and Charlie O'Brien from Wisconsin, for advancing from Basic Training!

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I know many of you have been wondering about next year's camp dates, so you can prepare next year's family calendar. Well, wait no more! We have posted dates on the events section of our website: More information, as well as costs, will be posted as soon as possible, but we wanted to get this information out as quickly as possible. We hope to see y'all at some of these camps! (By the way, there are a few more camps that we expect to host next year, including a national camp here in Big Sandy, but the dates and details have not been finalized. We will continue to update the website.)
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