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More ideas on marketing and sales working together for #socialselling: Can Social Selling Bring Sales and Marketing Together

When I started this blog almost 2 years ago, one of my first posts was about why marketing and sales don’t get along. Unfortunately, since then, it’s not much better at most companies. At the time, I talked about how the sales funnel could be used to…

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My post on marketing and sales working together for #socialselling: How Marketing Can Help with Social Selling

While it may be clear to many that social selling is critical to a company’s success. It’s another thing to get someone to take on more work even if they are convinced of the benefits. There are only so many hours in a day after all. But the five key…

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Back to my blog series on #socialselling: Five Key Elements of Social Selling

While there are many different definitions of social selling as I outlined in my last post, Koka Sexton, Global Senior Social Marketing Manager at LinkedIn, summarized it this way: “Social selling is the process of using your professional brand to fill…

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A new series on how marketing can help with social selling: What is social selling?

One of my 3 words for 2016 was Learn and one area in particular that I wanted to focus on is social media and LinkedIn, since it’s key for B2B marketing and sales. But, I’ve also wanted to explore how marketing can help with social selling as I believe…

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Inspired by @chrisbrogan, my 3 words for 2016: Learn, Teach, Write.

Last year I finally decided to take the leap and try Chris Brogan’s “My 3 Words” exercise. In case you are not familiar, the idea is to come up with just three words that frame your goals and intentions for the coming year. My three words for 2015 were…

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The third post in my series on the main categories of content: How to Make and Use Persuasive Content

If you’ve followed my last couple of posts about the two main categories of content, you might get the idea that I don’t think there is a time and place for product related content in B2B technology marketing and that everything should just be…

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My new post looks at one of the two main categories of content: Why do I Need to Produce Educational Content

Many organizations produce some great product-focused content but wonder why it’s not effective when they try to use it for demand generation. The issue is that most product content fits in the persuasive bucket and should be used further down the sales…

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A simpler approach to the types of content needed in today's blog: The Two Main Categories of Content

Creating compelling content can position you as a thought-leader and increase awareness of your company to your audience. It’s a key component of any marketing campaign but is critical to generating demand. That importance has increased even more in light…

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Today's blog looks at some research from CEB and what it means: The Significance of 57% to B2B Marketers

The average B2B buyer is 57% through the purchase decision before engaging a supplier sales rep according to research completed by CEB’s Marketing Leadership Council in partnership with Google. For many, I think this percentage is surprising as I’m pretty…

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Are you just executing a bunch of different tactics? Is Marketing Strategy Dead?

A recent discussion on the Chief Marketing Officer Network group on LinkedIn based on the post, The Death of Marketing Strategy by Glenn Myatt, caught my eye and got me to wondering: has it really come to this that we are questioning whether we need a…
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