As far as detective novels go, +Michael Panush's #paranormal #mystery series is a rare gem.

In this latest installment, Mort and Weatherby chase a missing traveling salesman to the shady New England town of Innsmouth, where they discover a conflict brewing between the deformed, murderous townspeople.

Mort’s ready to play the factions against each other – but he doesn’t know how deep the evil of Innsmouth goes or what he risks unleashing on the world.
Mayor Malachi Marsh stayed in an opulent Victorian manor in the north of Innsmouth, not far from the waterfront and the winding road up to the cliffs and the jagged reefs. The Mayoral Mansion was well-furnished, with strangely finned golden ornaments and paintings of sea creatures on the walls. The furniture was chrome and angular, very modern. Mayor Marsh brought us to his parlor, and had cigars and brandy brought out. His gunmen stayed in the corners, slouched against the walls and chewing on smoldering cigarettes.

“Now, there’s two main powers in Innsmouth – the church and the government. You can guess what side High Priest Hezekiah Gillman is on.” Marsh tapped a short finger on his knee. “Gillman controls the Esoteric Order of Dagon."

The mystery of a missing traveling salesman in the shady down of Innsmouth leads Stein & Candle to a far greater and more horrifying supernatural secret, in this next installment of +Michael Panush's #urbanfantasy detective series.
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