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Idle Ideas: Development team behind the Mote Virtual Tabletop Project
Idle Ideas: Development team behind the Mote Virtual Tabletop Project
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We're musing on a couple of incentive programs for Sandstorm.

The first is a referral program. Our initial idea is a 1 to 2 scheme, where a referrer gets 2x the access time for every 1 month a referral signs up for. This is for "monthlies".

As for annual plans, we'll either go for 1:1/2 (6 months access for each referral), or 1:a diminishing ratio curve, where the volume of access time returned for each referral, decreases as the # of referrals increase.

The 2nd program is creator licenses/access, where content creators get full access, subject to active development and self-promotion of work. Should things pick up in the future, we will be inclined to make this access perpetual.

If both work, we will be extending these into the Sift side of things :)

Tell us what you think via the poll and the comments. If you like, you can create a thread in groups, for more a detailed discussion.

We hope to hear from everyone. Cheers!
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I'm in!
I've got a better idea :)

1.16.4 is ready via update.

Cheers :)

1.16.3 is good to go via application update.


1.16.2 is out via update.

This version is the first compatible client for our new Sandstorm servers. We have decommissioned the previous servers, as of this time, to discontinue their maintenance costs.

Thanks and enjoy the update guys :)

1.16.1 on auto-update.


1.16 is out via installers and auto-update.

Full-featured users will now be able to host video conferences :)

More expansion to the Javascript API, comes with this update, as well.


1.15.3 is out via auto-update.

Thanks :)

1.15.2 is out via installers and auto-update.

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