This was sent to my mailbox by a [AGENT NAME REDACTED] claiming he "acquired" it from an N.I.A database, the Decryption of the document will take some time. Not sure what to exactly believe here, but it's a curious little rumor worth sharing while I get more morsels:

Decrypted Excerpt!

"Rogue (Red) Factions And Their Agents In History"- By M.E Lux

 Funded & Published for Exclusive Study by the N.I.A
"While all recently compiled findings from the aftermath of The NIANTIC Project point to signs that XM Portal technology in fact DOES allow the means of Chrono-Dimensional Travel of Bio Organisms through the XMP Network, whether this was made possible after a "Singularity Event" such as "Epiphany Night" or if this has been a commonly occurring "Event" throughout known human history remains an unanswered mystery.

The sudden surge and concentration of Exotic Matter in one place allows for XM Based Entities [What we've come to call Shapers] to communicate with other Sentient Life, and coordinate Ingressive plans of action to a yet unclear agenda.

 The Existence of "Rogue" aligned agents makes understanding what the Shapers exactly have in mind and Epiphany Night's significance in the trajectory of Shaper/Human relations even more complicated.

The current inconsistencies in actions from both Enlightenment and Resistance faction Leadership not withstanding, the ENL/RES still have a set of stated goals and their differing philosophies each come with clarity of message:

 The Enlightenment seeks to use Shaper technology to advance the scope and scale of the human race and use portals to learn more from XM based Entities while the Resistance views any such notion as a potentially catastrophic threat to human civilization as we know it. What the ENL sees as something akin to a "gift" worth cherishing, the RES seek to Control portals, along with all other known XM emitting artifacts to "Study" Shapers before any direct confrontation is made; they also go further to modify any found XM technology to use against Shapers should their perceived "threat" of their Ingressive activity become an all out invasion.

Rogue Faction(s) on the other hand, seem to have no stated intent or clarity of message and seem to only exist to break or tip the balance anytime XM activity favors either the ENL or RES denying one from ever winning full control of the XMP Network. Ensuring an ongoing conflict between the Enlightened and Resistance Agents seems to be an end to itself to this Rogue element, as it seems the only goal worth achieving based on what little we have come to understand about them and they are willing to do this by any means necessary.

This includes modifying XM technology, or destroying any fully studied and known artifact before N.I.A agencies can acquire them, working with both factions simultaneously on one end while disrupting their operations the other, and directly working with XM Sentient entities and attacking them unprovoked not much later.

 This relationship also extends to how these agents work within their own organizational structure Performing operations in perfect or rigid tandem and immediately disrupt any notion of order within their ranks by disrupting that organizational body from within and collapsing it back into chaos.

If not already apparent, how the existence of Rogue Faction(s) complicates the original question of exactly how important "Epiphany Night" was to the Shapers and Humanity, and whether was it only one of an infinitude of XMP Flashpoints stringing previously thought unrelated events in history within the Portal Network that Shapers use to influence, is the borderline or full-blown Sociopathic way their decisions and actions are perceived from outside observation.

Did Rogue Agents always start as one or were they activated by a Rogue Entity or Agency [ #13magnus  comes to mind]? Would their actions have been different had they been a differently aligned agent? And most pressingly, where these Agents from the past even agents at all or became one due to XMP "Event Horizon" manipulation and the very fabric of our history is currently being re-written, and if the answer to the latter is yes: How many times?

A good example of the frightful implications I've laid out are the exploits of Rogue Agent GeorgianRedSteel. A man whose rise to power, the atrocious means he used to seize and maintain his control and the very character of his personality profiled during his life, one famously quoted as a "Mystery Wrapped In An Enigma." 

Did he always start out this way by being contacted by an already Rogue organization, or start initially as a member of the Enlightenment or Resistance and eventually decided to break command and answer only to his own whims? We may never fully know the truth in Absolute terms but as the old saying goes "Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely." And that much could not be any truer as embodied in the actions of a Rogue Agent with a will to power. "
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