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David Halperin
Writer, storyteller, UFOlogist, and Hebrew scholar
Writer, storyteller, UFOlogist, and Hebrew scholar

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Space flight a la Cyrano de Bergerac, "Domingo Gonsales," et al., delightfully documented in Marjorie Hope Nicolson's "Voyages to the Moon." And perhaps a clue as to why "little green men," almost never actually reported in connection with UFO sightings, remain an unshakeable stereotype.
In the image below, from, Cyrano de Bergerac takes off for the sun with vials of dew strapped around him. (We all know the sun sucks up dew, don't we?)
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A heretical book of Kabbalah called "I Came This Day to the Spring" scandalized the Jews of Central Europe when it surfaced in 1725. Its wildly unorthodox theology was conveyed with equally wild sexual imagery, carried to extremes that have led some to label the book as pornographic. It seems to have been written by the leading rabbi of his time, Jonathan Eibeschuetz, and to have been intended as a charter for the world religion of the future, rooted in Kabbalistic Judaism but unlike any religion ever known. Did Eibeschuetz get some of his ideas from the Moravian Christianity of the 18th century? A paper by David J. Halperin, delivered via Skype on October 3, 2014, before the Bethlehem (Pennsylvania) Conference on Moravian History and Music, argues that he did, and that this can shed light on mysterious places in the earliest history of Moravianism.

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Discussion of the "heretic rabbi" of the 18th century, Jonathan Eibeschuetz, in Durham, NC, November 24, 2013.  With David Halperin and Pawel Maciejko as presenters, Yaakov Ariel as moderator. 18th-century heretical Judaism, and its possible link to Moravian Christianity.  Learn more about David Halperin's current writing at: .  A seminar of the Duke-UNC Jewish Studies Program. This is the 1st of 4 parts.

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The mystery of Mark Twain's precognitive dream--solved!
I once had a precognitive dream too.  I was about 9 years old, and my dream was about something as trivial as can be imagined--a page in a "Blackhawk" comic book.
But I'm pretty sure I know what my dream was really about, and how it happened to come true.  I think Mark Twain experienced much the same thing.
Read about it at
(Photo of "Fate" magazine, June 2004, courtesy of Martin S.  Kottmeyer.)
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Video of me, David Halperin, talking about UFOs and also God.  Do they/He exist?  Well, no.  But also yes ... #UFO #religion #God #belief

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Wonderful interview with Char McCain last Friday evening! We talked about UFOs; about mysticism, religion and (near the end) about God. Of course we talked about my novel, "Journal of a UFO Investigator," and where it's coming from.
Char told the fascinating story of her own encounter with a UFO--very much worth listening to!
You can hear it all at
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