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Hypertrophy MAX is LIVE! (for 3 Days Only!) 

Ben and Vince are looking for SERIOUS lifters who are dedicated to packing on quality size and coming under their tutelage so they can exploit all 6 scientifically-proven factors of hypertrophy that are skillfully organized, balanced and progressed in one place. If you're open-minded, ready to learn, challenge your genetics and make certain your achieve the BEST BODY EVER, then I'm very excited to connect you with Vince del Monte & Ben Pakulski:

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I have reviewed the Phase 1 Package and it's spectacular! Professional, intelligently-designed, cutting-edge & inspirational! You'll be equally impressed when it lands on your front door step. These boys combined their 29-years of experience and really out did themselves and I can tell this program will change the muscle-building landscape forever.. and more importantly, it's going make your body unrecognizable.  

I invite you to watch the video trailer and then read each and every word on the next page... this is a very rare opportunity. Here is the link:

Fast Action Bonus (TODAY only) - While the offer is on until Friday, there is a super awesome $150 Valued (legit price) bonus for Day 1 orders only:

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To your muscle building journey,
Craig W.
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Those guys use larger muscle groups furrowing their brows than I use doing anything.
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