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Yesterday more than 400 people joined the the 12-month hardcopy muscle-building program, Hypertrophy M.A.X., the ONLY 12-month periodized system that is delivered to your front door each month and provides PERSONALIZED coaching from IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski & WBFF Pro Vince Del Monte and their community of over 2,000 members since December of last year.

And just in case you haven't named your price (yes, you can join H-Max on YOUR TERMS), they are giving away another BONUS to lay the ground work for your fastest muscle gains ever:

The 'Pause & Primer'
Preparatory Phase

This is 100% ready to download and will get you the EXACT WORKOUT, CALORIES & MACROS we want you to start following the minute you walk in the door.

Your training starts TODAY.

60% OFF Hypertrophy MAX + The 'Pause & Prime' Preparatory Phase -->

The cornerstone of the Pause & Prime protocol is to DESTROY crappy movement patterns and teach you how to access a full and maximum range of motion for your body.

Each body has a correct bio-mechanical range of motion that must be utilized under some varying degree of tension to ensure all muscle fibers and motor units are stimulated to maximize the growth potential of the muscle.

In layman's terms: The Primer Workouts are designed to set the stage for balanced muscle growth by stimulating a muscle at all points along it's predetermined range of motion with maximum tension. When you carefully adhere to the Primer Workouts we set forth, you'll learn how to eliminate momentum (i.e. fools gold) until your body only knows the absolute perfect movement patters, growth will be 100% under your conscious control, and it will seem you can pack on slabs of lean muscle at will.

The Primer Phase also includes detailed nutritional guidelines to accompany your workouts until Phase 1 makes a thud on your front doorstep! And for everyone who picks up the Phase 1 Starter Kit by tomorrow, you'll get instant digital access for FREE.

The sooner you get your hands on this primer phase, the sooner you start seeing your body get bigger and leaner.

Grab it now:

P.S. After today however, the The Primer Phase will never be made available again, even to buy. The ONLY way you can get a jump start on Phase 1 is by signing up for the Phase 1 Starter Kit today. And you ALSO get Ben Pakulski's MI40 Execution Videos as further learning to master Intentions and see HOW we want you to lift! <------ expires soon
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My goodness G+ has become so spammish lately
+Michael Breeze  it has but at least it's still growing. The spam will hopefully stop but it's still spam that gets my attention regrettably. 
cool.. I can start this while I'm in Mexico from Jan-May...!
+Craig Wilson For one, you are not in my circle yet I am seeing you sell me a program in my feed, two, "Hot on Google+" was intended for popular posts, but I first saw your post with no plus 1's and no comments yet. Three, you are not the first ad in a couple of days I saw in my feed listed as "Hot on Google+" Maybe you are an affiliate for Sir Vinny D (the marketer first and training coach second) that has paid Google or just exploiting their system. But whatever the case may be it is just sad to see G+ going the facebook direction.

Sorry buddy, but you asked
No worries. Just one thing I have to add: you are not in my circles either and you were probably notified of this post because of other people that reshared it. And there is no way I can control that...

And if Google consideres my posts "Hot", there's not much I can do either...just to be thankful that there are people that do appreciate my time and effort.

All the best wishes! 
Craig W.
No one shared it to me in my circle, I would be able to tell from who shared it. Like I've said and you've mentioned, it was listed at "Hot on Google+" with no plusses and no comments at the time. My point is that this is a strategy I've seen on twitter and Facebook(another place where Vince does this) and it now seems Google+ has adopted it. You pay social networks to post to a targeted audience. At the end of the day its whatevs

Good luck with you affiliated marketing.
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