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Nagel's Foods
Michigan mobile Food Concession trailers for vending at fairs festivals and events.
Michigan mobile Food Concession trailers for vending at fairs festivals and events.

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I'm at the Carnival !
#tiltawhirl #carnival #fair

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​​How to Put Music on iPhone Without iTunes?

If you want to get rid of occasional annoyance of iTunes to put music on your iPhone, then this article is especially for you. In this article, you will learn how you can easily put music on your iPhone without using iTunes. 

See Full Article Here :

#Apple #iOS #iPhone #iTunes

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How To Find Your Passion (Again)

It's the last week of January and most people's New Year resolutions have long since slowly flickered out. So are you ready to get fired up again for February?!

Ten Questions to Find Your Passion
(by Cheryl Richardson)

If you could only have one section of the bookstore that you could visit, which section would it be?

When you pick up a newspaper or magazine, what kind of news stories are you drawn to first?

Which catalogs to you have a really hard time letting go of? How come? What is it in that catalog that you feel most drawn to?

Name the first three books that come to mind that strike you as your favorite books?

Name your three favorite movies?

Who do you envy and why? What is it about them that you envy?

Who's life would you love to have?

If you were allowed to make one powerful positive change, what would it be?

What interests, hobbies or careers would you like kids to get involved in?

Recall one time in the last week that you felt strongly about something?

Questions To Ask Someone Already Doing What You Want To Do (Success Leaves Clues!)

If you had it all to do over again, how would you do it differently?

What was your path of development? (permission to do bullet points)

What kinds of skills do you think someone like me needs to invest my time, energy, and money into?

Where do I not need to spend my time, energy, and money?

What do you really love about what you do?

What drives you crazy?

Can you give me some examples of ups and downs that you've been faced with?

Because if you don't enjoy doing something, you won't enjoy succeeding at it either

#mondaymotivation   #inspiredliving   #passionateaboutbusiness  

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Health Benefits of Lemonade

In today’s society, convenience is beginning to trump everything else. This is also true with food concessions at fairs. Food vendors have switched to selling cheaper lemonade instead of making it themselves. Unfortunately, with the loss of convenience, you also lose the healthiness of fresh squeezed old-fashioned lemonade. Food vendors who sell old-fashioned lemonade at their food concessions will make each cup fresh with lemon, water, a little sugar and then serve it over ice. There are no high fructose syrup or artificial sweeteners. When food vendors opt for convenience, they are able to sell the lemonade at a cheaper price so they make more money. They just lose the ability to tell their patrons that it is all natural and it simply does not taste the same. It is true that food concessions are not always healthy foods but that does not mean you should skimp on the good stuff. Old-fashioned lemonade does not take that much time to make and the flavor profile is vastly different from store bought. Even if you do not care about high fructose corn syrup, you are among the minority. More people are beginning to attempt to eat and drink healthier, and one of the first things to go on the list is high fructose corn syrup. Food vendors need to make sure they know their crowd and offer drinks with that in mind. +Ben Nagel

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How do you like this?

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We are working in Atlanta Georgia with are food concession trailers +Ben Nagel

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♥ The Tunnel of Love - Ukraine ♥

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Determination by Brendon Cremer

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With the new large profile picture roll-out on G+, might be worth remembering that you can choose which part of your big pic shows when your profile is viewed via the mobile app.
Do this by clicking the camera icon when viewing your profile in the mobile app.
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