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Rachelle Culpepper
I never wanted to be like everybody else...I am not good at being normal.
I never wanted to be like everybody else...I am not good at being normal.

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Both Sides Now
I listen to oldies radio. After all, I am on the downhill
slide of the old mountain, so it fits. Yesterday while driving home listening
to the 60’s or 70’s station on the radio a Judy Collins song came on the radio.
I like most of her music and they usually...

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Never Break The Chain
Most people my age have heard songs by Fleetwood Mac. Today
I am struck in particular by the song “The Chain.” I have always been drawn to
that song for reasons I won’t expound on here, but yesterday and today it is
running through my mind continuously for ...

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Finally a Post About The Book!
Something at work recently came about because a new employee
joined the ranks and he has decided we all need a little motivation and morale “ boostering .”
I applaud him for that. What he has started in his short time here is called “Accomplishments.”
He ha...

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This blog isn’t for everyone this time. It is for one specific
person. Now, I can’t say if this person actually seeks out my blog to see if I
have posted regularly, but I know he had read my blog. I hope he reads this one – because I cannot think of any oth...

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The Greatest Plans of Mice & Traps Oft Go To Snakes
I have been gone a long
time. I have no excuse worth mentioning, because unless you experience for
yourself, the black hole of depression that sucks every bit of joy &
laughter from you and no matter how hard you try - you can't get back to it,
you won’t un...

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Short & Sweet
Today I received an email from a Professor (I work in Higher
Ed) and the subject line read:   “Fan Drive by PSY Club”   The email went on to state the Psychology Club was
collecting fans for senior citizens.   But as you know, I am a grammar freak and below...

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Poignant Words I Wish I Had Said
I have wanted to post about the horrendously terrible
situation going on now in the United States. I am mystified why so many people
want to hurt or kill innocent people
they don’t even know. To me the whole situation smacks of the devil trying to
take over...

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Sometimes the tiniest of things can make your day a little
brighter. Such is the email below. My daughter has been on point with her
sarcasm lately (a requirement in our family), but sometimes my sarcastic replies
to her are not quite taken as intended, so ...

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Word of The Day
I have been away a long time. It has taken all the energy I
have just to get through most days. It is a shame really. But it is the best I
can do right now. I know this blog was supposed to chronicle my quest for
happiness. Most days, even still, it eludes ...

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Fat Tuesday & Fat Heartbreak
Happy Fat Tuesday! While it is Fat Tuesday, including a King Cake, it is
definitely not happy. Today is the day we had to put our beloved Bunny to sleep.
She was 14; she has not been feeling good for a while, so while I know she is
in a better place – we ar...
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