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+Scott Adam Gordon​ Hello,

I really like your column on Android games. I'm a pretty big android gamer myself and I have a GPD XD. Its a 3ds clone with PS vita style sticks. The only problem is trying to find games with native controller support. This tidbit of information is rarely on the Google Play store and really could help Android out to become a serious gaming platform. I just think it would be beneficial to know these things. It could cross over to Nvidia Shield TV and other Android TV boxes as well. I know it can be quite convoluted though.. A game like Deadzone has controller support but no menu controls for them. So you do need a touchscreen to start the game.

I have several games on my GPD that are console grade and indie ports as well Lots of them have controller support. Hotline Miami 1 and 2, Luftrausers, olliolli, This War of Mine, Limbo, Always Sometimes Monsters, Downwell (although I use a screen rotation locker to play it in landscape) the GTA games, KOTOR, Titan Souls, Read Only Memories. All of these plus decent emulators have made this device into a monster of a portable gaming solution. Just thought that you should know about it. And maybe if you could relay some info about new games with controller support. 
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