One year, Really?? Well O.K. then lets CELEBRATE!!

A photowalk is in the works to trump all photowalks. In cities across the world, Google Plus photographers will be coordinating walks in their host cities to celebrate the one year anniversary our beloved Google Plus.

In cooperation with +Thomas Hawk, I have posted a Plancast sign up and will be helping promoting this great event. If you would like to be part of the Toronto walk, just go on over and let us know!

When: Saturday, June 30, 2012

Where: I'll be on one in Toronto (who can help me plan this?)

Who: You! Photographers of all skill and levels. From beginners to pros. What if you only have a phone camera? YES! you too!

Why: To celebrate the one year anniversary of Google+ by those of us in the G+ photo community. To hang out with other fun Google+ photographers. To SHARE MORE PHOTOS! To meet new and interesting people.

Cost: All Free! The best things in life are free right?

We just need people to step up and decide to host one in your city. See +Thomas Hawk's post here
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