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We protect your rights, we promote your dignity and we help you fulfill your legal responsibilities in Immigration and Church Law.
We protect your rights, we promote your dignity and we help you fulfill your legal responsibilities in Immigration and Church Law.


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Interview Tips : Getting A Marriage-Based Green Card
Foreign spouses of U.S. citizens will need to get a green card so they can legally stay in the U.S. and become citizens themselves. An interview by the immigration officers is part of the process. When being interviewed, here are tips for couples.
-Dress properly.
As much as possible, wear professional attire. Yours and your partner's appearances can help form a first impression on the minds of the officers.
-Answer all questions truthfully and calmly.
Be honest about the answers that you provide. The officers can verify these information. Additionally, they can also spot inconsistencies in your answers. Stay calm and act normal, too.
-Bring all documents.
These documents should show proof of your marriage. These include wedding photos, marriage certificate, and more. A lawyer can help you prepare what documents are necessary.
Alonge Law Firm PLLC offers our expertise in immigration issues to help you gain a marriage-based green card. To engage our services, you may contact us at 832-500-5782.

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No To Racial Profiling!
Always remember that racial profiling is not allowed by law. An ICE officer is not allowed to stop you or a family member just because of your looks, skin color, or language.
If you need legal assistance related to immigration, our lawyers at Alonge Law Firm PLLC will help you. Call us at 832-500-5782 to get started.

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We handle a wide variety of immigration issues!
When it comes to immigration issues, our lawyers can provide legal advice, assistance, and representation. We will be with you at every step of the process. Please call 832-500-5782 to discuss your specific situation with one of our immigration experts.
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How Your Immigration Lawyer Can Help

You immigration attorney can:

· Educate you about immigrant laws and rights
· Help you find the best path to legal status.
· Answer all your immigration questions.

Alonge Law Firm PLLC looks forward to helping you with all these matters and more. Get in touch with our attorneys at 832-500-5782.

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What to Look for in an Immigration Attorney

Anything and Everything About the Immigration Law
We help you effectively navigate the complex processes involved in U.S. Immigration. Call us at 832-500-5782 today! 

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Choosing an Immigration Attorney
Hiring an immigration lawyer requires a bit of research on your end. Choose a good one, and it can make all the difference in your case. Select a bad one, and you’ll only be making the immigration process more complicated.
· Referrals.  You may have friends or family members who’ve worked with immigration lawyers in the past. And if they haven’t, they may still be able to connect you to an individual who has.
· American Immigration Lawyers Association. Make sure the lawyer you’ve chosen is a member AILA.
· Check the attorney’s credentials. Your attorney has to be licensed and in excellent standing with the local state bar.
Visit for more information on quality immigration services. Feel free to call 832-500-5782 and talk to our lawyers.

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The Goal of Every Immigrant
People immigrate because they seek:
· Safety
· More opportunities
· Freedom 
· A better life
For quality legal advice about immigration concerns, please call our lawyers at 832-500-5782. 

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Because the American Dream Is for Everyone!
Your American Dream doesn't have to remain a dream. In fact, you can start the journey right now by calling 832-500-5782. 

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Whatever your concerns are, we welcome each opportunity to discuss your case.

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