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Jude “Jace” Anderson
More than awesome.
More than awesome.

I need a full pronunciation guide(For names). Like, all of them.

I just had a terrible thought–

What if Aelin and Aedion are mates?

It actually makes a lot of sense.
In QoS, Aelin thinks this, and I quote: "She couldn't explain it. No one could understand that instant bond, that soul-deep assurance and rightness, unless they, too, had experienced it."

If that isn't proof enough, then why do we keep getting mentions of how there was talk of an Ashryver/Galathynius Union if it's completely irrellevant. We've had several mentions of that now and it's getting hard to deny.

I hate to admit it, but I think Aedion x Aelin(Aedlin?) is endgame.

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I've been thinking.

We are pretty much sure that Rowan and Aelin are mates, because of some things SJM has said, and some quotes that have been released, right?

Well what if SJM is doing the same thing as ACOMAF, and making Aelin think that the Mating Bond is the Blood Oath?

Just a thought.

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Who would win in a fight?
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Wolverine Origins Deadpool
2016 Deadpool

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Should Heather be invited to roleplay?


Anyone read Desolation yet?

Just got it in hardback can't wait to read!
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