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Author ~ Artist ~ Traveler ~ Writer ~ Podcaster ~ Placenta Junkie ~ Doula ~ Sex Educator ~ Food Wizard


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This review is for a negative experience I had with Dr. Heather Dalton at Arizona Oncology ( I sent a personal letter to Dr. Dalton before posting this review, to give her the benefit of the doubt, and I got no response.

My first meeting with Dr. Dalton went well -- she is charismatic and confident and seemed very passionate about the work that she does. I decided I wanted to move forward with Dr. Dalton and she was quick to schedule surgery.
A week later I was sitting in the preop triage area of Dignity Health St. Joe's getting prepped for surgery. The nurse made two attempts to place an I.V. -- first in my elbow with no success, and then on the underside of my forearm (ouch!) with no success. The third attempt in the top of my hand was thankfully successful.

I asked Dr. Dalton multiple times if I could get something in my I.V. to relax me while I was waiting in preop to be wheeled to the O.R. She assured me that I would get something as soon as I was done signing all the waivers. I never got anything and instead was wheeled through the hospital and into the O.R. fully conscious -- a chilling memory that added to my negative experience. Nobody wants to see the inside of an O.R. like that, nor should they have to. It felt like another instance of negligence and disregard for the patient experience and well being that could have been easily avoided.

The surgery was successful and I woke up in recovery shortly after. I was given two doses of Fentanyl over the course of the next hour and quickly moved into a wheel chair to go home.
I did not have to walk, urinate, drink, or eat before I was sent home. I was given another half dose of Fentanyl in the wheelchair before my I.V. was quickly removed and I was taken to my car.

As the Fentanyl wore off upon my return home, I started taking my pain medication as per the schedule I was sent home with. The pain medication was unsuccessful.
The next morning I tried the pain relievers and was again unsuccessful. The pain was proving to be unbearable and I was suffering with no effective medication for relief.
My abodomen was hard as a rock, my muscles were seizing and spasming and I had extreme shortness of breath.

My partner called Dr. Dalton's post-surgery phone number and argued with the assistant that answered the phone until finally the assistant agreed to have Dr. Dalton call us back.
Dr. Dalton called back over an hour later. I answered, feeling that it was important she hear my voice and breathing patterns.
I informed her that the pain relievers were not working and I was in horrifying pain and having shortness of breath. She said, "Well -- what did you expect after surgery?"
I was taken aback by that comment and asked if there was any other pain relievers we could try. Pardon my ignorance, but I assumed there would be some other options. In a very curt, short tone of voice she replied, "I can't prescribe you anything else. If it's that bad you can go to the E.R."

Again, I was stunned. Maybe empathy and sensitivity is too much to ask, but I felt it was negligent that she did not seem concerned about the shortness of breath or uncontrolled pain.

I had a genuine question and asked her, "What will they do for me at the E.R.? Attempt to place an I.V. again and then give me a dose of Fentanyl and then send me home....and then I'll be right back here at home with no pain medication a few hours later once the Fentanyl wears off?"

Dr. Dalton seemed surprised by this question and thought about it for a moment before saying, "Well, I guess -- yeah."

She seemed quick to want to brush me off without any real thought to the state I was in or what needed to be done.

I continued pressing to see if there was anything she could do and she said, "If you feel your pain is uncontrolled--"
I cut her off and stated my pain was wildly uncontrolled as I already stated my pain medications produced horrible side effects in addition to the fact that they were not working. I was recovering from surgery with no pain relief.
She seemed annoyed at this point and said, "I guess I could try calling in a muscle relaxer."
At that point, I was willing to try anything and a muscle relaxer made logical sense since I was having spasms and cramping.
But, a muscle relaxer is not pain medication, so it certainly did not replace the pain medication one would expect to have after surgery.

I did not hear from Dr. Dalton again after that. She did not call to check up on me, nor did she call to see if the muscle relaxer helped or if I was okay.

Once I was out of the fog of the extremely traumatic recovery period, I began to process what had happened and Dr. Dalton's treatment of me.
I received a survey from the hospital and started filling it out. It was an in depth survey with extensive questions and I realized in going through those questions that Dr. Dalton's negligence started before surgery.
We did not have a proper, official preop appointment. She did not explain the surgery to me in detail. I had some questions that I asked, but overall -- I did not know everything to ask as I am not the professional.
Dr. Dalton also did not at all prepare me for recovery. She did not tell me what to expect. She did not tell me what was normal. The only thing she ever said to me was, "Most people are up and about in a few days."
The discharge paperwork from the hospital did not include any more details beyond, "Take your pain medication on schedule and call your doctor if you experience any of the following issues". Two of those issues being uncontrolled pain and shortness of breath. Two things Dr. Dalton did not show any concern for. I felt that treatment was inhumane and made for a barbaric recovery period that was completely unneccessary.

I understand that doctors are trained to be emotionally detached and this makes sense in certain situations, but at some point you have to treat a patient like a human being. A little empathy and compassion can go a very long way to the emotional health of the patient and can have a huge impact. That emotional space is really where healing occurs. Right on the home page of Arizona Oncology's website they tout their "sensitivity to patient needs". I experienced a total lack of empathy with Dr. Dalton that is not in keeping with that statement.

I had a postop appointment scheduled two weeks after surgery. As the date approached, I realized I did not want to see Dr. Dalton again and was hurt by her actions. I called Arizona Oncology to cancel my appointment. The woman in scheduling said, "This is a postop appointment -- may I ask why you're cancelling?" I didn't expect that question, but found the words to say: "Dr. Dalton was unkind to me in my recovery period and I don't want to see her again." The scheduler seemed frazzled by this response and was quick to get off the phone.

It again seemed negligent that in cancelling, I wasn't encouraged to seek follow up care elsewhere.
The day after I called to cancel my appointment, I received a voicemail from Dr. Dalton. It did not make a whole lot of sense and Dr. Dalton seemed scattered and distracted. She said that she was calling because I'd "had some gas pains a couple of weeks ago after surgery and she wanted to check up on me." It was as if she had no recollection of our phone call where I stated that I had pain medication that was not working for me, shortness of breath and she called in a muscle relaxer. She continued in the voicemail to say, "I'm pretty sure we have a follow up together in a week or maybe two. Let me know if there's anything else I can do in the meantime." That seemed like a funny coincidence. The day after I call to cancel my appointment? It seemed as though she was just covering her tracks. It seemed like the scheduler probably relayed the message that I had canceled and she was quick to call me and try to smooth things over. That left a poor taste in my mouth and overall seemed extremely unprofessional.

Dr. Dalton also still has not contacted me to go over my pathology report -- something she is obligated to do as a physician. Again, I feel it is important to note that I sent a personal letter to Dr. Dalton before posting this review and I got no response.

I'm sure this goes without saying, but I would not recommend Arizona Oncology or Dr. Dalton. I am appalled at how I was treated in my recovery period and I hope no future patients have to go through anything even remotely similar.

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"I could give a shit what my kids do. I want them to be kind human beings and be happy if that's possible, but I have no attachment to what their sexual life looks like or their professional lives look like. Fuck that. Go live your life and be a joyful, kind human being. And don’t report back to me."

This and other deep thoughts in our latest podcast!

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Earlier this week I guest starred on the Maternally Yours radio show + podcast. It was my very first live interview and I didn't drop one f-bomb! My part starts @ 7:59 and goes for about 20 minutes. Click here to listen! Let me know what you think, and please share!

I thoroughly enjoyed being interviewed and hope to do lots more. Here's the questions they asked me in this particular episode:

Tell us how Postpartum Confession began from just a single photo shared on social media.

You read all the stories that are submitted to the website or on social media. How do you process and choose the stories that are included? Can you share what story has impacted you personally the most? What about your most read/viewed story?

You've done one podcast that is included on the website so far, from this October. What got you into podcasting and do you hope to include more in the future? Can you tell us about that episode and why it is important?

Personally, your took a sudden turn in career and life path that brought you to birth work. Can you tell us more about how that came about?

You have a passion for all things placenta related, as you mention in your bio on the website. What's up with that?

You also have a website called Cock & Crow and I noticed you talk about "not being alone" on both that site and PC. Why is that message so important to you?

Birth stories fascinate and are more easily found on the interwebs and beyond. Why focus on postpartum stories and how have you seen it heal and help women?

Let me know what you think, and please share!

#Maternally Yours, #Radio Show, #Podcast, #Postpartum, #Pregnancy, #Depression, #PostpartumConfession, #Placenta, #CockAndCrow
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Now available in hard copy form!! Check it out, and please share!!

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I had a revelation the other day when I tied together Attachment Parenting, polyamory, and jealousy. Felt so good to organize my thoughts!

Inspired by a great list from +Attachment Parenting International 

(Thought the +Polyamory Media Association+Polyamory Weekly, and +Polyamory ~ Love Without Limits would like this!)

Share it if you like it! Spread the fuckin gospel!

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Thought you guys would appreciate this.....I had a revelation the other day when I tied together Attachment Parenting, polyamory, and jealousy. Felt so good to organize my thoughts! Share it if you like it! Spread the fuckin gospel!

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Thought you guys would appreciate this....I had a revelation the other day when I tied together Attachment Parenting, polyamory, and jealousy. Felt so good to organize my thoughts! Share it if you like it! Spread the fuckin gospel!

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Check it out! This is volume 3 in my DIY Placenta book series. It's now available in hard copy version, and it has a fresh new cover!

#placenta #pregnancy #birth #womenshealth #postpartum #postpartumdepression #organic #natural
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