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Initial version for Chrome DevTools (CDT) REPL for ClojureScript is now available at the Chrome Web Store. You can now freely install it into your Chrome browser. More info:

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Шваб придумал!

The architecture of the Mercedes-Benz Museum placed particular demands on construction planners, architects and engineers with regard to smoke elimination. The 34.4-metre-high artificial tornado serves to eliminate smoke from the museum in the event of a fire.

video Mercedes-Benz Museum - World's highest artificial Tornado

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E4 and bugs.
A fact based, non-biased look on the +Eclipse e4 branch quality based on first "fiscal quarter" since Eclipse Juno release (Eclipse 4.2, first Eclipse release based on the e4 UI technology).

Let's start with a citation from the attached mail posted on e4 mailing list: "The Platform UI team will be focusing on regressions and performance for the next while, and not on new features for Kepler yet." Kepler is the next planned Eclipse release, and the list of the most important bugs to fix provided in this mail is also worth to read.

Let's now check the entire list of already known e4 bugs:

As of today it shows: 884 bugs found, reported in 3 years, with the average rate 295 bugs / year.

For better comparison here is the list of all other platform UI bugs (not e4 related), since beginning of Eclipse:

As of today it shows: 3137 bugs found, reported in 11 years, with the average rate 285 bugs / year.

Average yearly bug rates are very similar for e4 and 3.x streams, so the first impression after comparison would be that e4 quality is similar to 3.x stream. Nothing surprising so far.

But e4 was only ~3 months a "mainstream" release, not 3 years, so it was exposed to the end users only ~4 months now. 

Let's take e4 recent 6 and 3 months results (Eclipse Juno based first time on e4 was released 27 June 2012) and check how e4 branch quality looks like if being exposed to the "mainstream" end users:

311 bugs in last 6 months => 6220 in 10 years.

176 bugs in last 3 months => 7 040 in 10 years.

Now the bug counts projection for e4 is doubling the 3.x stream, and one also can see that bug creation rate is increasing steadily. This  are very alarming numbers.

Anyone here to explain those numbers?

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Who could have thought about this?
Just got a following comment for Tennis Math in the Google Play with the poor rating 2/5:
"DO NOT USE AT ATP EVENTS! The first couple times I used this app was for collegiate matches. Recently I went to an ATP World Tour tournament and wanted to try it out on the pro level. After the first set of using the app I was pulled aside by security- long story short I was thrown out of the tournament and asked not to come back on suspicion of online gambling. I appealed the ruling to the tournament director but still missed two excellent matches featuring two of my favorites, Roddick and Isner. TL,DR: the apps illegal on ATP tour"
Unbelievable! Crazy world :)

The default Juno UI thema is a huge fail. Here's the Tip of the day. After you start the freshly downloaded Eclipse Juno, don't be scared: just go to Preferences and change the Appearance to "Classic", then restart. 

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Iconic font scissors, wow
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