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Thomas Wilson
Apps Developer | Digital Publisher & Author | Online Marketing Specialist | Social Media Consultant
Apps Developer | Digital Publisher & Author | Online Marketing Specialist | Social Media Consultant

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ePub Conversion and Formatting Services – A Great Option For eBooks!
Till now eBook authors, publishers and the whole ePublishing
industry had to select from different formatting options when opting to convert
a book into digital format. The eBook publishing industry didn’t have a common
formatting standard that would help/a...

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Outsource PubMed Conversion Services to Reputed Digital Conversion Companies
In the age of ever-changing digital world and fast growing
digitalization, the compliance to new and evolving digital formats is
mandatory. PubMed is a highly influential online repository, which is developed
and maintained by NCBI – National Center of Biot...

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Layout Services for Journals
A fixed layout is a document (e.g. - journal)
layout that stays the same as it was designed. Such a layout cannot be changed
to accommodate incoming data. Fixed layout conversion services are in great demand all across the world. Fixed
layout has more to of...

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Affordable and Customized XML Conversion Services
XML is short for Extensible Markup Language. It is globally recognized
as one of the key formats for exchange of information and representation on the
internet. Today, most of the information is stored and maintained in structured
databases. With the intern...

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Companies offering Customized and Affordable DTBooks Conversion Services
DTBooks is short for Digital Talking eBooks. They are a
special form of digital books, which are designed for those who prefer hearing
content rather than reading it. Digital talking books come with a digital audio
file that reads the text aloud. These book...

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Companies creating Interactive eBooks with HTML5 and CSS3
eBooks and eBook readers are evolving
at a very rapid pace. Latest tools, software, formats, styles and several other
elements and features are being used to create engaging eBooks and enhance the
reading experience of the readers. The first and the foremos...

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There are many people searching for companies which are providing effective, prompt, high quality and customized conversion and digital publishing services. Therefore, here I would like to recommend a company which is reputed and have adequate experience of 14 years in catering the clients. SunTec is the company and it deserves your attention as you are genuinely struggling hard to locate a company which can serve you with best ebook conversion and other conversion services. 

You can take a look at this website here..  

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Outsource Read Aloud Books Conversion Services to an expert company
What are read aloud
books? Read aloud books are a creative and innovative version of
the normal eBooks.  They give digital
readers the option to switch to narration by using the read aloud option on their read aloud compatible devices. Authors
and publisher...

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Benefits of Availing eBook Conversion Services from Expert Companies
Define an
eBook? An eBook is either a digital duplication of a paperback or can be
written and released keeping in mind the online audience. An eBook is read
using a Computer, Laptop, Smartphones or special eBook reading devices such as the
Amazon Kindle, S...

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Want to convert Converting Flash Websites into HTML5 Websites?
Nowadays, most people are accessing internet on their
hand-held devices. iPhones have gained fast popularity across the globe and
have an ever increasing number of users. Flash based websites are compatible
with devices supporting up to Android 4.0 and not ...
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