But More Important, Are You Doing SEO Basics?

Google, Bing and Yahoo each have their ongoing, ever-changing search engine optimization algorithms that most people do not understand.

What I mean is, Google and Bing/Yahoo are now using Social Signals for their rankings. They are also looking deeper at where your links are coming from. They want to see that you have Open Graph meta within your pages and posts. They want to see movement (fresh content). They’re integrating microformats into their search results. The list can go on forever.

While there are so many new SEO topics that we will talk about, I want to start at the beginning. The reason for this is because if your website is not doing the SEO basics, then there is no point in trying the more advanced tasks.

So where do you start?

Visit the article to find out! http://www.photographers-seo.com/seo/optimize-your-website/important-seo-basics/

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