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issam siddique
Optimist, dreamer and at times silent spectator!
Optimist, dreamer and at times silent spectator!

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The Lost World
The feathery touch of yours – I miss the most. I would be lying though if that’s the only thing I missed. Your smile, your laugh, your hands – even when they are not on me, your bosom, your hair – as it flows out to eternity, your soul as it enters into me;...

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Lost and Stranded
He was unaware of her watchful eyes on him. She was behind him watching his every move. Not with any evil motives rather with a plea of desperation. Her eyes moist and throat parched. Her every nerve aching for him. She stood there stranded; letting only he...

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UNTITLED For long I yearn to write To ink the thoughts in my mind In the cluttered mesh, I find no space Which makes  any  sense Words fail me My mind numbs me What am I saying? I ask myself But find no answer I am staring at the endless tunnel Searching fo...

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Of late a constant thought has been hovering over me. What is the logic behind us sharing our personal and intimate happenings with the world? Be it photos or incidents or Newtonian thoughts that strike us in the most bizarre moments. And it’s not really th...

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When the world dances at your feet To the songs you compose and the music you write You feel like in heaven Just as Eve’s Eden But world is cruel and does not offer much solace You think of your needs but you are forced to deface Your soul craves just as yo...

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Kismat Connections
On a day when the sky looked dull  and the weather dry and lull Your whatsapp notification woke me up and the image you sent made me jump up in the air in joy and smile in a moment, I went back in time How true I thought! How very profound! If not for my pa...

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Some events can't be described...

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Where words fail
If words were meant to paint the images that bring to life the
emotions the word carries, then I think they miserably fail when it comes to
portraying certain emotions. For instance, how does one ever describe the feeling that engulfs
one on seeing a new bo...

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Most important of lessons are not learnt from books or universities..
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