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Has anyone used the Faire Animal class from Creeping Beauties? If so, have they given bonus spells for high intelligence?

It was about this time four years ago that my players first traveled to the Portal Under the Stars. Tonight, one of the two survivors from that adventure just hit Level 5 (a first for the game I run)! It felt fitting it was with the x.p. from him and his compatriots beating another adventuring party in a fight.

My players are going up against their first legit giant tonight (a product of +Jobe Bittman​'s Monster Alphabet). Last session they did some recon of the monster who inhabits the same dungeon room as a secret ceiling hatch the party wants to pass through. Given all the hype giants receive as being the deadliest monsters in DCC, I am wondering if it will be a TPK tonight.

I am going to start a campaign this week. Being my first one for the system, I am planning to stick pretty closely to rules as written except I really would like to use group initiative. Anyone have any suggestions as to what can be given to rogue characters to replace the bonus to initiative?

Potential Intrigue at the Court of Chaos spoiler

Something I haven't done in my three year campaign is a rival adventuring party thread. Thinking about the elements from Intrigue at the Court of Chaos and Red & Pleasant Land, an alternate version of the party seemed like a great way to go. Then, I was struck with the idea of a party from a world where my campaign's dead 0-Levels survived while the leveled PCs were the ones ground up by the funnel. After plucking the most memorable ones/the ones without dismal stats, I don't have quite enough. Would picking some deceased level characters still work with the theme or is it better to just make the 0 levels work?

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Here is a brief write up I did for the DCCRPG public play portion of the release event for my comic zine, Underworld Adventure. The post has a lot of pictures of the play aides I used for the event.

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I just ran my first public game of DCC (of anything, really) ever! I converted the dungeon and characters from a comic I drew to DCC for a release event tonight at a local bar/microbrewery. We had two table of six players and a Judge each. My table had some near death experiences and a corruption! It was a blast.
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I am currently working on a monster that was designed by a wizard to protect his treasures from other wizards known as the Lizard Wizard-Eater. The ability to eat a wizard's brain and learn a new spell is central to the creature. I was wondering if it is too much as currently developed:

"Eat wizard brain: If successful attack is made on a stunned or unconscious (but not dead) wizard or elf, their head is bitten off and they die. The Lizard Wizard-Eater is incapacitated for a number of rounds equal to the devoured spell caster’s level. Afterward which, it gains one HD and a random spell from the wizard or elf’s list which it can now cast."

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For some denizens of a dungeon under a tree the players are currently exploring, I converted +Gavin Norman's Moss Dwarf generator to make DCC 0-levels. A quartet of these dwarves are currently following the party like some 0-level hirelings, so I created some stat cards to help the players manage these hangers-on. Gavin shared the pictures I sent him on his blog and thought I would share his post.

As a result of +Michael Curtis ' Intrigue at the Court of Chaos, I have a Chaotic* elf with a Lawful patron (the elf unwittingly helped a Lawful party member deliver the egg to the side of Law). I have been feeling out how to navigate that extreme conflict of interest at my table and curious how others would handle it. I am especially trying to figure things out like luck penalties or bonus, etc for acting against alignment or accomplishing goals.

*I feel like I should note that by Chaotic, I mean CHAOTIC. A round after the elf was dropped in combat, a missed attack landed a canister of mutagen on his body which brought him back to life (and he has never been the same).
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