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GenghisCon Perth
The most affordable Scifi, Fantasy and Gaming convention in Perth
The most affordable Scifi, Fantasy and Gaming convention in Perth


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Buckle up con-goers, October is going to be a massive month for events!

First of all, the September bookclub will actually be in the first week of October (for scheduling reasons). It will be on Friday October 6 and we will be looking at the legendary "Snow Crash" by Neal Stephenson. We are so excited for this one and can't wait to talk about it with everyone! The event link is and as ever, you can sign up on our Patreon (

Secondly, we have the joint screening of Thor: Ragnorak with Swancon on Friday the 27th of October. Turn up to Reading cinema in Belmont at around 6pm (time to be confirmed). This movie looks like a lot of fun and will be even more enjoyable with a theatre full of fans from Genghiscon and Swancon. The facebook event is at Tickets are $13 for Swancon or Genghiscon members or $15 for non-members. Please purchase your tickets before Monday 23rd October from

Finally, Genghiscon will be cooking up a sausage sizzle at Bunnings Cannington all day on October the 29th. Come down, buy a sausage and support your con!

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Hey hordes!

A couple of big announcements, first of all is "Fans funding fans".

This is an initiative similar to some of the other fan funds, designed to help get people to Genghiscon who would not otherwise be able to go.

We are raising money for it on Patreon:

This initiative has been created at the request of the Genghiscon community, so we really hope it takes off.

The full write-up is in the blog on the Genghiscon website:

Major announcement number 2: Genghiscon bookclub!

In cooperation with White Dwarf Books, we are running a book club on June 30, and once a month thereafter.

Facebook event here:

Full details are in the Genghiscon blog, right here:

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Hey Hordes!

Got a great idea for a panel? Got a cool workshop you want to run? The suggestions form is available here:

Got something to say about last con? We have had some great feedback already and are incorporating it to make next years convention even better.

We still have a free membership up for grabs for one person who fills out the feedback form. Access it here:

Our 2018 membership signup is also available at

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Hey hordes!

Do you have feedback from this years convention? Do you have programme suggestions for next year? Do you want to win a GenghisCon membership?

Good news!

We have put up a feedback form on google docs for you to provide your input for the benefit of the 2018 committee. One lucky person who fills out this feedback will win a free membership! Access it here:

We also have a form for programme suggestions and submissions, available here:


Hey Hordes!

The website has been updated with the date and ticket prices for Genghiscon 2018. Check it out at
Memberships are on sale in the +Swancon traders hall tomorrow and Sunday.

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Hey Hordes! We are proud to announce the opening of the 2018 Genghiscon website -

We have many exciting announcements on their way, the first of which is already here.

We are pleased to announce that the theme for the 2018 con will be “The Geek shall inherit…”.
What shall the geek inherit you may ask? Well, I guess that depends on what sort of 2017 we have. In the mean time, we will be asking this question on social media under the hashtag #whatshallthegeekinherit

Check out our Twitter at

Hello Google world.

Big Genghiscon news to come... Watch this feed!

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GenghisCon 2016 colouring in competition was good fun - and here's the winner :)
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Hoping we'll get some great competition entries this year :)
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