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Creator of Nutrition Tracker

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1980s Usborne computer books free to download.

"Many of today's tech professionals were inspired by the Usborne computing books they read as children."

I'm one of them. I loved these books as a kid.

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Fun Program to Count 1s
int count_1_bit(char b) { int tot = 0; if ((b & 1) == 0) tot++; if ((b & 2) == 0) tot++; if ((b & 4) == 0) tot++;
if ((b & 8) == 0) tot++;
if ((b & 16) == 0) tot++;
if ((b & 32) == 0) tot++;
if ((b & 64) == 0) tot++;
if ((b & 128) == 0) tot++; return tot; }...

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Photo Processing Toy
These days when we travel, we get photos from phone,  camera, my husband's camera,  friend's phone, and friend' phone. Each device has its own naming system, so it is hard to sort them according to the names from all devices. Luckily the picture files have ...

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Visiting British Columbia Day 4: Sailing to Bowen Island
Yer. There is a Bowen Island. Bowen says, "It is a giant island!". Believe it or not, go to check out by yourself. It is a pretty island. If Bowen wants to visit it again, I will do.

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Be Cautious about the Storage used by Backup
The files on my PC is massive and unorganized. It takes some effort to manage it. To do some cleanup, I wrote a simple program to find all the duplicate files and tested it with the camera roll folder at One Drive/pictures. I thought it should be a dummy te...

What is gsheet? does it equal to gshit?:P 
Why I could not open gsheet  or gdoc with fopen?

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