⚠ Hangouts & Google Plus Events... a BAD Combination! ⚠

Don't get me wrong, I Love Google Plus Events! And in my mind, there isn't a more powerful method to Alert people to the fact that you will be having a HOA at a certain date and time.

But Alerting is very different than Inviting and that is where most people are making a big mistake when using the Powerful Events Tool. It is causing Mass Confusion and Late or Failed Starts to Hangouts On Air.

If your Goal is to Alert the Public that you will be having a Hangout On Air (HOA) at a certain time using Google Plus Events, that's a great Idea, just don't use the Event Type called Hangouts to do it! Use the one called Event on Air or anything BUT Hangouts!

If you do make your Event a Hangout-type event - at the scheduled time - the Google+ Event will automatically Create a Hangout. And people will try to join it because it tells them to... (this is not what you want!)

If your Goal is to invite a few friends to join a Hangout at a scheduled time, then you can ignore this post, everything should be working fine for you, right?

Confused? Read the scenario here and you won't be confused any longer... http://www.videoleadsonline.com/hangouts-and-google-plus-events-a-bad-combination/

For other Event Tips:
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