Google+ Hashtags and Your Privacy...
Shhhh! Google+ CAN keep a Secret, Twitter can't

I recently published an overview on how to use #Hashtags inside Google+, here's the link for reference:

Certain conversations stemming from that post brought up Some Very Important Discoveries re. Google+ Hashtags and Google+ Privacy.

We did some testing and found that using Hashtags in a post that was published to a private group (i.e. a 'limited' post) did not threaten that post's privacy level. If you were not part of the private or limited group, you would not find the 'private post' via a Google+ search for the hashtag.

That makes sense as you would not want your private posts being discovered by random people on Google+ that happen to be searching for various hashtags. Or said another way, Using Google Search with Hashtags, does Not Circumvent the Limited Post Privacy Veil.

We also verified that as you can "open up a private post" for viewing to those you +mention in the comments of the post, you will likewise open up the ability for those 'new invited members' to find the private post via a Google+ Hashtag search.

So If you are using Google+ and its powerful Hashtag feature, You do not need to fear any privacy issues stemming from hashtags! Too bad we can't say that for Twitter and their Recent Privacy Concerns!

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