Google Plus Posting tips; Plus Mentions, Formatting & more
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Google Plus is much more like a blogging platform than many other social platforms. This means you'll likely end up creating posts that are much more involved and can be quite lengthy.

Plus Mentions
One important social aspect to posting is mentioning others that are somehow related to your post. On Google+ we call that "Plus Mentioning"... it creates an active link to the profile/page you mentioned. When you are typing on the fly, you simply type a + character followed immediately by the person or page's name in the G+ Posting box.

But what about when you want to draft your post, think about it more, edit, think, edit and then go?

For those occasions when it is smarter to use a plain text editor to create your post and then later on paste the text into the G+ Posting box, I offer a few suggestions.

Using a Text editor for Plus Mentions and Formatting
When you want to craft the text outside of G+ and still include the proper Plus Mentions, find the person/page's G+  ID and use that in the text editor... when you eventually post it on Google+ it will turn into that desired link to the person/page.

Example: My Profile ID is shown as but if you find a link to my name and right-click on it you can copy the link address of the Google ID that looks like this:

Grab the numbers ( 108210288375340023376  ) and add a + right before them (with no spaces) and when you post like that, it will turn into a Properly formatted Plus Mention on Google Plus.

Don't forget other formatting options to help break up longer posts, such as using an * character or an _ character on either side of the text to make Bold or Italic text respectively. Use no spaces between the formatting characters and the text for best results.

Hashtags also work this way. Type the # symbol followed immediately by a single word in your text editor and when you paste that into your posting area and share it, the text magically turns into a live hashtag link.
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