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jon pollard
Old and a bit miserable. Might be an idea to avoid me.
Old and a bit miserable. Might be an idea to avoid me.

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Hello. I
would like, if I may, to prattle on a bit about recovery. Or maybe Recovery? I
recently went through a detox to end my many years of alcohol use and abuse,
now, nearly 100 days dry it’s time to share a thought or two. What
is recovery? This is take...

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Hello. I passed. Remember a while ago I mentioned how I was training to be a facilitator for the SMART groups that I attend? Well I only went and passed the course. I am now a SMART facilitator. I will hopefully soon be co-facilitating the group I attend wi...

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Big Events, Triggers and Words.
Hello Several big events this week, passed 2 months dry, dropped below 15 stones and ran 5k in one go without dying. Big event tonight too, Sarah is in London visiting the kids so I`m home alone for the night. Previously this would have resulted in me buyin...

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Past, present and future
Hello. Blimey! Doesn’t time fly when things are going well? Over a week since my last instalment, so let’s bring you up to date. Started my job at the Market. A couple of half days training and a couple of full days too, soon be flying solo. I can`t believe...

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Big week, all change.
Hello Well what a week that has been. Sometimes it’s hard to believe how much your life can change in such a short time. Where do I begin? I`ll approach it chronologically, because it suits me if things are in order. Thursday saw me in Kettering for the fir...

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Farewell young man.
Hello. Had to say farewell to a friend today. Well, more of an acquaintance than a friend but someone who has played a huge part in my life just lately, and probably a huge part in my life going forward from now. I`ve hardly mentioned this young fellow in m...

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Get Smart, fight the urge
Hello I`d like to tell you a little more about SMART recovery,
the providers of the group I attend, and the organisation I am training to be a
meeting facilitator for. Here’s a bit of stuff stolen directly from their website,
outlining the approach and etho...

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Group, running, food and a shrink.
Hello. Yesterday I attended the
group. Another great meeting, came away feeling on a bit of a high.  If you feel the urge to read more about the
Smart recovery programme you can do so here . I have been discussing the
possibilities of peer mentoring and als...

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Vive La Revolution
HELLO Just a quick one tonight.  I was googling around a few nights ago, looking at other recovery blogs and sites and I happened upon one that really grabbed my attention. It was loud. Lots going on and very very bright.  “The Recovery Revolution” is not w...
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