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Hello there... i have the same issue too.
Good rom for everything else.
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Trent Turvey

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The Knox Series V2 

With added support for s5830t+ all Samsung Galaxy Ace Series

Note: If the Regular download doesn't install on your device, try the alternative download for s5830t+ 
- Fixed Proximity Sensor
- Fixed Bluetooth
- Fixed Torch
- More Transparency in the rom
- Updated my Scripts ~ More Speed
- Better Sound Quality
- New Equalizer
Screenshots here:
Downloads (Pending)

The Knox Series V2 -

The Knox Series V2 (For S5830t and other models) - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Trent Turvey

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The KNOX Series
V1 -

V2 - Coming Soon

Now all i need is some suggestions and beta testers, comment your issues and I'll be sure to fix. I'm now 100% Back in Development.
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+Trent Turvey are you following these suggestions for next rom bro ?
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Trent Turvey

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Hey again bros! I'm seriously sorry about my absence and non-release of my new rom.
I have no excuses really, although my keyboard is fully wrecked and requires a punch every now and then to get working.

So a couple of minutes ago i finished compiling a new kernel (well a massive edit of the original cyanogenmod-nightly's one)

I know this is probably useless to most of you, but for me.. i take a lot of calls, so I'm working my hardest to implement a 2-way recording patch for the rom (which doesn't record from the mic.)

But yeah! thanks for sticking by and I'll be more active now :)
expect a beautiful, fast release soon. catcha's until then !
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Just Read it And Awesome news!!!!
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Trent Turvey

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I was banned from xda for a third time, this dickhead.. 'conantroutman' said:
'This is pretty simple.
He did something wrong and was banned.
Instead of taking it like a man and riding out the ban he created another account, which was also banned.
He then created yet another and proceeded to insult XDA staff and members...
Doesn't sound like the actions of somebody who is sorry and apologetic to me....
Ban will not be lifted so don't hold your breath. I'm sure he'll set up threads somewhere else if you want to follow his work.'

What a fucking liar, they were never planning to unban me.. i was not informed that it was only for a month, when i was banned it said the ban was to never expire! it said the list of reasons was too long.

The admins and moderators need to pull their dicks from their assholes.

Hope you, conantroutman stick your phone in your asshole and get your gay buddy to call it so it vibrates your gay ass all night until you bleed to death. Fucker.

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Sure do
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Trent Turvey

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Heres the link to Ace of Spades V3 guys!!!!
Best release yet, be sure to share my google+ on xda!
I've been banned from XDA because crap devs were jealous, so I'm releasing all my mods here until my website is up! cheers

Here's the link to where i'll officially be posting updates, this forum is dedicated to galaxy ace (so join if you have time)

Ace Of Spades V3 -
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not working error = 5 arg required got 3

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Trent Turvey

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It has been a long time coming, but a new release for the Galaxy Ace from me. Geared Android, Enjoy
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Does Ace of spades work for the GTS5830D? The D? 
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Trent Turvey

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Hey guys! It's been a long time since I've been on google+
So I see everyone is getting a little impatient (which is my fault, as I didn't link the new download because I forgot)

But there's no need to stress, it's actually a wonder so many people still choose the ace to use.. If you all didn't already know I've been developing for other platforms and other devices so development for the ace has been slow, and if anyone has a clue about developing.. The process is slow anyway.

My beta testers are my friends in real life, guys and girls who use their phone on a daily basis for life. Not one has asked me to restore their rom, this next release Ace Of Spades is back with the original kernel I developed, although proximity and a lot of little issues have been resolved.

Thanks to the guys who still follow, massive respect. You will all find me back on xda apon my new release very soon.

I make releases via my official profile on Facebook, where you can comment and suggest fixes or things to be included:

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lo mejor sera buscar otra rom ya que trent no publica los links.. bueno era una buena opcion la rom pero a buscar otra suerte
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Trent Turvey

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I’ve started the new series called The KNOX Downloads can be found in the download section of this website, Information on the roms will be in the download section next to the rom too. I’m also...
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it's a fake.
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Trent Turvey

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Ace Of Spades V4 is now here.
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can you give a link for bt fix
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Trent Turvey

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Howdy bros!
Wondering why i haven't been posting? I now post here dudes, new release is in beta state
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+Prakash Gourav Yeah sure. Email me
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Trent Turvey

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Hey guys, I haven't posted for a couple of days eh? I've been waiting for more people to add me on here before i post (So more people hear)

Well, I'm working on a release... I'm not sure what I'll name it but heres whats going to be happening.

Recompiled from CyanogenMod's Official Github (7.2)

- Fixed Lockscreen settings
- New BootAnimation
- Bug Fixes
- Big Battery Fixes
- New UI
and more...........

I'm renaming the ROM as I'm making a fresh start. I've actually made ace of spades for these devices
- Samsung Galaxy S
- Samsung Galaxy S2
- Samsung Galaxy 5
- Google Nexus
- Google Nexus S

I hope, in the future i will create a new website for you all to easily access releases for various devices.

Don't forget to share my Google+ Account :)
Together, We'll make these ROMs Dominate
Post your suggestions for my new release, if someone has already posted it.. don't post again.

Cheers Guys!
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+abhishek mor dude..its good..but the thing is that GPS dosn't get a fix..though it shows many satellites ...that also takes lot time...plz suggest something ....any tweaks or patches
@parvinder wt abt u...?
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Developer of 'Trents Mod Menu' and Ace Of Spades for Android and alot of other things.
Hey, It's trent (Also known as trentlio/aids69)
I develop roms for the android platform, so circle me to get my updates!
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