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Will the US Continue Handling the Kurdish Aspirations the Hammering Way?
I wrote this article originally for BasNews, here is the link to the article. Erbil - Kurds greatly appreciate the airstrikes by the US and coalition warplanes against the extremist group Islamic State. The strikes have played a key role in the Kurdish push...

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Kurdish Peshmarga's death toll hits 999 since ISIS began onslaught on Kurdistan last year
Erbil - The number of Kurdish Peshmarga fighters who were killed in battles with the Islamic State (IS, ISIS, or ISIL) has hit 999 with another 4596 injured in the fighting that started in August last year. Jabar Yawar, spokesman for the KRG Ministry of Pes...

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Peshmarga tank driver who intercepted ISIS tanker bomb by ramming his tank into it
Erbil - When Islamic
State (also know as ISIL and ISIS) forces send a huge, heavily armored tanker
bomb with a suicide driver in it to break the lines of Peshmarga forces
who can't seem to stop it despite hitting it with whatever weapons they have, what oth...

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Video surfaces for the first time of bodies of ISIS militants in one of Mosul's hospitals
Erbil - A video has surfaced for the first  time that allegedly shows bodies of dead Islamic State (IS, also know as ISIL and ISIS) fighters in one of the hospitals of Mosul city, the ISIS stronghold in Iraq. The video was sent by an anonymous source to Zag...

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Erbil - Islamic State (IS) militants also known by the acronyms ISIS and ISIL launched a massive operation in the early hours of Friday morning taking advantage of foggy weather to push into the lines of the Kurdish Peshmarga forces on mainly all fronts str...

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Release of pro-Jihadi Kurdish Cleric by Norway elicits mixed reactions in Kurdistan
Erbil – On January 25 th , Mala Krekar or Najmaddin
Faraj if we go by his real name, a former Islamist Jihadi from Kurdistan whose
group of fighters was in a bloody conflict with the more secular groups before
he fled to Norway in early 2000s, was released ...

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Video of Peshmarga forces taking out ISIS suicide car bombs
Erbil - A new video released yesterday by Kurdistan Region's Ministry of Peshmarga shows how Kurdish Peshmarga forces take out Islamic State (also known as ISIS and ISIL) suicide car bombs. Kurdish Peshmarga forces launched a major offensive on January 21-2...

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What takes my time
It has been quite a while since I last posted an article on this blog. I am in love with this blog, because it is the first I started, it archives my works, and has a good readership throughout the world, and finally it helps me keep busy. But there's been ...

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Friendly relations and then some
This Article was originally published by Kurdistan Tribune. Here is the Link .   @RaberYAziz I was a junior undergrad student in 2007 when a journalist from a Dutch radio station who worked on a report about Kurds and Kurdistan asked me as a Kurd what I tho...
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