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Woody Norman
Archdeacon, Blogger, and Biographer
Archdeacon, Blogger, and Biographer


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Nothing Conventional About Christianity?
Nothing Conventional About
Christianity? It was on the day of
Pentecost That the Spirit created
the Church Fifty days following The
Holocaust, Upon that sacrifice, its
perch. Then was delivered to all The unchangeable deposit
of faith Once given, we “trembl...

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Archdeacon Books Funding
Archdeacon Books Funding Christian Books <a target="_blank" class="badge-widget" style="border: none; background-image: url(&quot;;);" href="//

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The Great Interruption
The Great Interruption It was an early Wednesday
evening At a dining area in The
Club On top of Red Mountain Overlooking the Magic
City. A dozen or so couples
gathered To celebrate the
consecration Of two new bishops On the next day. This was the evening

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Archdeacon Books - Book Covers
Archdeacon Books - Book Covers
Archdeacon Books - Book Covers

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Books Published by Archdeacon Books
Books Published by
Archdeacon Books as of April 1, 2018 TITLE AUTHOR 1 3Q2018
The Miracle Worker of Mingo County Dan
Scott 2 3Q2018
ZIPP: The Story of H.H. Newman Frances
Newman Morris 3 4Q2018
I’m Not Impossible – I’m Possible Merle
Hogan 4 Ala...

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Theological Journal
On April 1, 2018 a new theological journal will be introduced to the Church and the general reading public. My diocese, which is actually called a Jurisdiction, will place its offering of articles written by several clergy people who are mostly chaplains in...
Theological Journal
Theological Journal

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Guest Blogger - About Ash Wednesday 2018
About Ash Wednesday 2018 Father Curt Norman  My mind is swirling a
million-miles-an-hour as I prepare for worship this morning. It keeps taking me
back to Ash Wednesday, one of the most important days in the Church year. And a
horrible one this year in the ...

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Watch Out!
[Many] Signs and [we]
Wonder[s] History is replete With signs of
human bondage; And when we sleep We miss layers
foretold along the deep sondage. They never go away, Those arms ready
to snare Our children at
innocent play From their God-given
parental care....

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Published Titles by Archdeacon Books
BOOKS has published thirteen titles since 2014 and  will release three new
titles in 2018. TRIGON’S
VIEW (2018), Evan Prickett & Rick Chambers ZIPP:
The Life of H.H. “Zipp” Newman (2018), Frances “Bee” Newman Morris KENYA
JOURNAL (2018), Dennis &...

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Remembering D. Bruce MacPherson
D. Bruce MacPherson 1940 - 2017 To him everyone
was a friend, Someone to help
if in need, A broken heart
to help mend. A godly man,
indeed. His caring for
others never ceased. His love of God
– his fortress, his border – Called him to
become a priest, And d...
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