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Shawn Lelle
Test all the things!
Test all the things!


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Support me if you can. For $0.50 an hr, that's $12. If ten people pledge that, it's $120. Let's help these jieds.

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Took me all morning, but I redesigned Code School's home page. Hope you like it!

Bluehost just launched Google Apps for Work. If you have a Bluehost account and want the best of Google with your own domain, head on over and sign up!

So I got a S&W SD40 and am looking for a good IWB holster for a decent price.  Any thoughts?

looking to buy a decent yet affordable handgun.  Possibly a 9mm or 40 cal.  Any suggestions? +Jacob Kloutier 

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Customer in a ticket after I informed him we don't code and told him where to go for a solution:

I think you failed at your job...

But to help other people....feel free to add this into your flowcharts....

Change the .htaccess to show...

RewriteBase /~********/dillan/

Then go to

site settings -> General -> Hostname:

That is what I expected to get from you.



What I almost sent:
I am glad you figured out how to fix your site yourself. This is what we were telling you you needed to do from the beginning. You failed at understanding that. I hope I have made it clear that this is NOT now, nor has it ever been, something that we will do for you. I am sorry if that was too difficult for you to understand earlier. I will try to put it in simpler terms for next time. and now you have how to fix your issues documented. So maybe you won't bother my techs with unsupported issues in the future. Good day sir.

Sometimes writing stuff out makes you feel so much better.

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