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Dorothy Moore
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Upon arrival at this hotel which is around 6 o'clock I turned my heat on . Later on I noticed that the heat was not getting hot so I attempted to turn the heat up a bit. It would not get hotter so I called to the front desk and the young lady came up and attempted to try to solve the problem by resetting the heater. After many attempts she was unable to do so so I told her I would attempt to reset it myself as I have bought up a lot of luggage I was exhausted from working 12 hours seven days straight. I fell asleep in the process of trying to reset the heater . I woke up around 2 o'clock because I was cold. I attempted to reset the heat again after a failed attempt I'll call the front desk again. This time I got some young lady whose tone I found disturbing. She replied what do you want me to do what you paid five dollars for your room, 'll bring you up some blankets. I'm using my reward points that you have to stay so many nights to earn a free room. Usually it takes about 2 1/2 to get. My response was, I have sinus problems so blankets will not help me because my head will still be exposed to the air. We could move you to another room. My response is it's 2 AM in the morning and the room that she's offering is only a totally different floor. She did offer resolutions but the under tone is you only paid five dollars for your room so you should be thankful for what you get. Very disappointing don't work for your reward points if you gonna get second-class treatment when your status is Elite. I stayed at the Fort Jackson Laquinta last night and received professional friendly service from the entrance. They were booked up tonight. Attitude is essential when working in these hotels. Upon arrival here two attendants one nice the other no so, SO I spoke to the polite one.
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