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Laura Brown
Life keeps happening even when you don’t look like you fit in.
Life keeps happening even when you don’t look like you fit in.


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Exploring Outside the Blog
I'm going back to working with text files again and start working with pdf. A webzine, rather than a blog. Well, a webzine as a working name. Running a blog has become ruined with marketing and pressure to conform. I've always liked doing things my own way....

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A Happy Ending Isn't Necessarily the Best Ending
I’ve always thought that for a book to be a word-of-mouth success, the reader has to turn the last page and be motivated in that moment to tell someone, “You have to read this!” But to me, that could be just as much because it inspired cathartic, body-shaki...

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When I think of tension I think, surface tension. I remember a film about spiders which showed one sitting on top of the water in a glass. The hair on it's legs created surface tension which kept it from getting wet in the water. It could just sit on the su...

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Your Monster in Your Haunted House
Create your own haunted house. Plan the layout, the type of rooms, the design and colours. Write about the street appeal and what people see, hear, smell and sense from out on the street. Then, create the monster living in the house, the surprise in the cen...

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Has WordPress Jumped the Shark?
I think WordPress is in danger of “jumping the shark”, becoming too complicated and loaded with too many features. Google has mostly forgotten all about Blogger, but it may become a better alternative for a lot of people who just want a simple business site...

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Getting Back to Being an Effective Blogger, Again
This site is not dead but… I do need to find it again. Keeping focus and staying true to your own voice are not easy when you look around at other sites and start comparing yourself. If you can manage to do it constructively, that’s great. I’ve gotten sucke...

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Considering a Change from WordPress
Not for any special reason but, I am seriously considering changing my sites from WordPress. There are several reasons not to do this: transferring content, themes and plugins I have bought will no longer work, learning (and installing/ setting up) new soft...

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The Most Precious Thing... Journals
In the end, we loaded our technology (computers, hard drives with all the historical pictures on them), my old Smith Corona typewriter (yes-crazy!) and we stood holding what we decided were the most precious things... our cottage journals. We began our firs...

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Holding Time Still
"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." - Dorothea Lange

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Writing Every Day is Easy
Writing every day is easy. Writing the next day is hard.
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