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The Ultimate Trail Mix
Today: nap Monday: puppy walks Sunday: rest Saturday: 3+ mile walk Hope everyone had an amazing Labor Day weekend. I got to see my mom crush a local 5K and see with my adorable nephew.  Sunday my mom and sister gave a small brunch for baby girl. It was perf...

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No Pain, No Gain at the Leadville 100 - Guest Post by Eric Spencer
(workouts this week are comical compared to what you are about to read...) Today: strength training and sleeping in... Yesterday: 30 minute hill treadmill workout, 15 minutes stairs AM, Tennis PM Wednesday: rest Tuesday: rest Let me start out by saying that...

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Florida Keys Silent Sunday
Today: 30 minute hill treadmill workout, tennis Yesterday: Tennis

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Marco Island Half Recap....about 5 months later
Today: 30 minutes stairs, 20 minute strength training Yesterday: 45 min elliptical, puppy walk Tuesday: 25 min elliptical, 20 minutes strength training Over the past few months I have been what some may call a little half ass on my blog efforts. I made the ...

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Meatless Monday! Spicy (or not) Vegan Tomato Sauce
Today: 30 minute prenatal yoga, 30 minutes stairs, 30 minutes treadmill time, hills Last night I cooked.  It was pretty much the only productive thing I did all day. Unless you count napping. In which case I was super productive. Anyway, I am not a huge pas...

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Silent (sweaty, but beautiful) Sunday
Today: rest Saturday: 3 mile walk Friday: 20 minutes stairs, 30 minutes hills on the treadmill up to 15% incline Weekly menu: Sunday: whole wheat pasta with homemade sauce Monday: Peach and goat cheese salad Tuesday: Dinner with friends Wednesday: Green Ric...

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Fig and Goat Cheese Pizza
Today: strength training, one mile puppy walk Yesterday: 30 minutes walking treadmill hill work, incline up to 15%, elliptical Tuesday: one mile puppy walk Monday: rest after the dreaded 3 hour glucose test Sunday: 3 mile walk How awesome was Eric's post an...

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Friday Awesome
Wednesday: stairs, lots of them, followed by treadmill time Thursday: strength training and elliptical Friday: rest Just about done with 29 weeks and few more to go. Since there is not a whole lot of running going on in my life, my friend Eric agreed to gue...

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Since last time....
Today: 2 mile walk  Last week's workouts: tennis Monday, Wednesday, Friday, yoga Saturday, dog walking and yard work Sunday and Monday Miles in the last week of July: 2.92 miles, 4.01 miles, 5.0 miles Miles in 2014: 672.38 miles Time is flying. I can't beli...

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Seven Things Sunday
Miles today: rest Miles yesterday: 4.01 miles Miles Thursday: 1.7 miles Miles Wednesday: 1.43 miles Miles in 2014: 660.45 miles #1: I took a 4 hour nap today. Yep. I also went to bed at about 10 PM last night. So tired and unmotivated to get off the couch o...
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