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RSPCA Nottingham
A Self Funding Branch of The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
A Self Funding Branch of The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


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If you are thinking of getting a feline friend please go to the RSPCA Animal Shelter at Radcliffe on Trent where we have lots of lovely cats and kittens waiting for forever homes.
After having one of the worst months for unwanted animals, we are desperately seeking loving responsible homes for the many unwanted cats and kittens from the Nottingham area.
Over the past few weeks we have taken in so many litters, many of these were dumped. This is on top of the Inspectors cases, cats who are suffering at the hands of people they trust and those animals that are injured strays.
When the RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Shelter is full, we have to pay for the overflow of animals to be held at private boarding catteries. Not only does this cost your local RSPCA hundreds of pounds a month, but also means we have a backlog of cats desperately waiting for new homes.
So please come and adopt these fabulous kitties who just need love affection and a good home. ^JLM
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Pigs in Europe need your help! In January 2013 a law comes into force banning the use of individual stalls for pregnant sows. The UK's already compliant - but it's expected some member states will not be ready in time. Write to your MEP asking them to sign a written declaration to maintain the deadline for implementing the law - if enough MEPs sign the declaration it will become an official position of the European Parliament. Take action below! ^JM
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