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Tim Atkinson
Half SF geek, half environmental activist, half-writer. Not a mathematician.
Half SF geek, half environmental activist, half-writer. Not a mathematician.

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Wholeness and wholesomeness: Waitress reviewed
Waitress (2007) starts off bitter and slowly graduates towards sweet, and by the end is more than a little cloying. Still, if you can forgive it that, there's a lot to like here. Keri Russell (who 2017 me has just remembered was also the best thing in Auste...

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From the vaults: Eagle Vs Shark reviewed
Another film review retrieved from journals past, this time Eagle Vs Shark (2007). If you want to know what Taiki Waititi was up to prior to What We Do In The Shadows and Hunt For The Wilderpeople , well, this is it. EvsS is (surprise!) a quirky New Zealand...

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As if Dylan was a Timelord: I'm Not There
I've been archiving seven or eight years of journalling from the London and Birmingham years recently and have found a few more film reviews to update and share. I'm Not There is Todd Haynes' Dylan fantasia - a novelistic treatment of seven different stages...

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The hypercompetence of mavericks: thoughts on Die Hard
I've been wondering why Die Hard has lasted, as against so many other 80's action films, having seen it for the first time in ages last year in a festival movie tent. On one level, it's an easy question to answer. Die Hard is a competent B-movie action pict...

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Some recipes I'm trying
In the spirit of reminding myself how relaxing I find baking and cooking, here's a log of new recipes I've tried over the next few months. Moroccan harcha (semolina pan-fried flatbread)

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'Accelerando on downers' is probably not the synopsis Charles Stross would choose for Glasshouse (2006), although it does take the former's (relative) optimism about posthumanism and drastically flip it.  So, let's try again. In Stross' body of work, Glassh...

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Most read posts so far this year
The blog has been gently bubbling away in 2017, sustained by a series of posts on the charts of 1976 and its use as a bit of link library / memory palace for work.  I'm never sure what posts are going to get the most traction, but here are the most viewed s...

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A 1976 playlist
In lieu of a proper post today, a playlist of the cream of the charts of '76 (at least in this blogger's opinion). No reissue, no Christmas singles, alright? Complete up to mid-May '76. Abba - Dancing Queen  Biddu Orchestra - Rainforest David Bowie - Golden...

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Swiss Family Roadtrip: Captain Fantastic
When we were driving through rural California back in 2015 on the way to Yosemite, @rae102011 and I were struck by how easy it would be to just disappear in the vastness of America. Dropping out in Britain is compromised (with the possible exception of nort...

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Spring into action [PUN KLAXON]
With thanks to my colleagues and the E-campaigning forum , I'm just scrap-booking some interesting links and resources here to create an impromptu reading list. Unless indicated otherwise, linking does not indicate support, endorsement or the adoption of a ...
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