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RE Casper
Designer, Photographer, Writer, Rambler and Host of the StreetPX Podcast.
Designer, Photographer, Writer, Rambler and Host of the StreetPX Podcast.

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If you missed our Live Recording of StreetPX at Streetfoto... Be sure to check out the video here... We sit down with Rinzi Ruiz and CJ Lucero to record Episode 41 in front of a crowd of over 60 real life human beings... and we had a fantastic time!

#photography #podcast #streetfoto #liveshow #festival #streetphotography

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Photojournalist, Christopher Rusanowsky joins us from Los Angeles to discuss his most in-depth documentary projects to date.

Including a two year long experience working with and documenting the oil field workers of North Dakota at the end of the oil boom... and a deep photographic exploration of life in heavily poverty stricken Manila, Philippines... from the fishing villages to the streets, these are stories that need to be heard and photos demanding attention!

Don't skip this one folks...

Brought to you by Glass Key Photo. Soon to be relocated to 1230 Sutter Street in mid-town San Francisco, CA!

Please share your feedback below or by email at We want to hear from you, our awesome listeners!

#photography #documentaryphotography #manila #philippines #northdakota #oilfields #streetpx #podcast #interview

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Lick the Pavement Series

Alameda, CA

#streetphotography #alameda #blackandwhite

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Accidentally took a photo when my camera slammed into my side... I was going to delete it, but it turned into an experiment in "jpeg vs raw" and detail recovery. Alas, time was wasted, but it was fun.

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Get ready for some fun, as StreetPX descends on StreetFoto San Francisco 2017 with a live audience show and you're invited - Tickets are Free!

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We're mixing it up on StreetPX with a fascinating interview, that transitions into a full panel expert discussion on the topic of homelessness & street photography.

In the studio, is Visual Artist Jean-Benoit Levy, Editor Matthew Gerring and writer TJ Johnston from the Street Sheet and the San Francisco arm of Coalition on Homelessness...

We hope you enjoy this episode and if you have any comments/questions to share (of if you want to get involved)... please email us as or visit the Lounge at

#streetphotography #homelomessness #ethics #streetsheet #coalitiononhomelessness #podcast #paneldiscussion

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Get ready for some fun, as we descend on StreetFoto San Francisco 2017!

Believe it or not, we are conducting a LIVE audience recording of StreetPX this June. We repeat, Live.... and with a full panel of upper tier street photographers. Soooo... No pressure, right?! :-)

Best of all... We want you in the SPX Peanut Gallery. Come join in and watch us crash and burn with great joy! Share your questions with our panel and have what is quite likely to be, one hell of a good time.

Admission is FREE, but seats are very limited! Register here and Reserve your seat today!

#sanfrancisco #streetphotography #photography #streetfotosf #liveshow #interview #streetpx #podcast

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In this stunning episode, Documentarian and USF Professor, Pedro Lange Churión, joins us in the StreetPX Studio to discuss his life, his inspirations and his large-format photography project, focused on the Stolen Children crisis in Spain.

Digging the show and want to send us some feedback? Email the team at

#photography #documentary #spain #pedrolangchurion #interview #podcast

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