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Post has attachment - Shirin Abedinirad’s stunning mirror installations defy viewers’ perception of reality, while also offering unexpected perspectives of the places into which they have been set.

#shirinabedinirad #installation #landart  

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Ekaterina Panikanova’s fantastic three-dimensional artworks on books blur the lines between painting, installation and collage, while taking viewers down memory lane on a journey into childhood.

#ekaterinapanikanova #collage #painting #recycled  

Post has attachment - Dale Chihuly’s stunning glass art creations conjure the fascination and wonder of colour, transparency and shape to offer viewers pieces that seem to have come out of magic hands.

#dalechihuly #glassart #sculpture  

Post has attachment - Penny Hardy’s awesome sculptures, conveying a strong sense of life and vitality, address the concept of fluidity so characteristic of present-day society.

#pennyhardy #sculpture  

Post has attachment - Sally Smith’s environmental art features delicate, ethereal sculptures illustrating the simple and fragile beauty of the natural world.

#sallysmith #environmentalart #sculpture  

Post has attachment - World-renowned Philip Jackson’s awe-inspiring sculptures never fail to move viewers with their aura of mystery, their sense of drama and their emphasis on form.

#philipjackson #sculpture  

Post has attachment - Bronia Sawyer’s talent and creativity have broken down the barrier of her dyslexia to offer viewers book art in which texture, strength and versatility combine to produce sheer Beauty.

#broniasawyer #papercuts #booksculpture  

Post has attachment - With Nature as her primary source of inspiration, Rebecca Louise Law has challenged the boundaries of Art by bringing floral art to the limelight with her stunning, sublime large-scale installations.

#rebeccalouiselaw #environmentalart  

Post has attachment - John Bisbee’s mesmerizing sculptures made with nails are pushing the limits of the current concepts of Art, while creating a mature body of work that magnetizes viewers with both its grace and strength.

#johnbisbee #environmentalart #sculpture  

Post has attachment - Vhils's awesome depiction of Amália Rodrigues’ face made with black and white cobblestones is a moving tribute now enhancing the beauty of one of Lisbon’s most typical areas.

#amáliarodrigues #vhils #cobblestonepavement   #streetart  
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