Who Cares?

On any normal day I wouldn't care what a celeb thinks or does.  And I've seen a number of "who cares?" responses to the George Takei frenzy.

And for some strange reason, I find that I do care.  George Takei recently expressed his dislike for certain FB pay-for subscriber schemes.  Then the #TakeiTuesday grassroots campaign by +Stephanie Van Pelt and others has been encouraging Takei to take a step to Google+.

So why do I care? In a way, the whole situation poses the question, Is Google+ worthwhile? It definitely can be on an individual basis, but so was Buzz.

Getting Takei to use Google+ would be a win for everyone here, as he would potentially bring more regular everyday people to Google+.  I think Takei particularly has an incredible potential following here.

I'd also argue that Takei is just fun, and we'd love to see that fun happen here on Google+, regardless of the implications of choosing Google+ or not.  The idea that people can campaign and get his attention, and trigger WSJ and Mashable articles, is fun.  Why not do it?  Why not care?

And lastly, I find it fun that Takei lives in Kansas.  (Or marking "United States" as your location in Google+ puts you in Kansas)  ;)
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